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Beauty, rarity and durability - these are the attributes that make a gemstone. Discover fascinating gems at Rocks & Co., in our Gemstone Library you will learn everything you need to know about jewellery and gemstones. Learn more about your favourite gemstone, read about well-known gemstones such as Diamond, Emerald and Ruby and discover lesser known gems like Tanzanite, Tourmaline and Topaz. We explain the composition and characteristics of each gemstone plus information about the history and mythology surrounding individual gems. Learn what makes each gemstone unique and find which suits you best!

Under “General Information” you can read the basics about coloured gemstones. We explain the four C’s (Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight), and how to use these important criteria in evaluating gemstones. Learn how lustre, brilliance and fire make a gemstone so distinctive and read more detailed information on gemstone special effects such as Chatoyancy (cat’s eye effect), Adularescence (Opalescence) and colour change gemstones.

You can also find information regarding the precious metals we use, the different settings that suit each gemstone cut and jewellery wearing tips in the “About Jewellery” section. An important part of owning gemstone jewellery is knowing how to take care of it, learn the best ways to care for your gems, and their treatments, in our enhancement and care guide. Looking for a gift, but can’t decide which gemstone to give? We have compiled a list of birthstones, astrological gems, Chinese astrological gems and anniversary gems to help you decide on the perfect piece of jewellery! Immerse yourself in the world of gemstone jewellery!

June birthstones: Alexandrite, Moonstone, Pearl

June birthstone: Pearl

Pearl is the birthstone for the month of June. Its elegant beauty as an exquisite gemstone was treasured as far back as 2000 years ago.

June birthstone: Alexandrite

Alexandrite is an impressive gemstone, which under different light conditions, exhibits a beautiful colour change from red to green. It is the birthstone for June.

Birthstone for June: Moonstone

Moonstone is the mysterious gemstone out of the birthstones for June. Its mysterious shimmer lends itself to a romantic and dreamlike appearance.

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