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  1. Antiker Fancy-Schliff 2
  2. Antiker Kissen-Brillantschliff 5
  3. Antique Brilliant Cut 3
  4. Antique Briolette Cut 2
  5. Antique Buff Top Cut 2
  6. Antique Cabochon 45
  7. Antique Checkerboard Cut 8
  8. Antique Cushion Barion Cut 1
  9. Antique Cushion Brilliant Cut 3
  10. Antique Cushion Cabochon 46
  11. Antique Cushion Checkerboard Cut 20
  12. Antique Cushion Concave Cut 2
  13. Antique Cushion Cut 256
  14. Antique Cushion Fancy Cut 5
  15. Antique Cushion Precision Cut 5
  16. Antique Cut 168
  17. Baguette Cut 138
  18. Baguette-Cabochon 21
  19. Baguette-Schachbrettschliff 1
  20. Brilliant Cut 764
  21. Carré Cabochon 10
  22. Carré Cut 94
  23. Concave Octagon Cut 1
  24. Concave Oval Cut 23
  25. Concave Trilliant Cut 8
  26. Cushion Cut 5
  27. Different Cuts 92
  28. Drop-Shaped Brilliant Cut 3
  29. Emerald Cut 6
  30. Emerald Cut 28
  31. Fancy Briolette Cut 2
  32. Fancy Cabochon 15
  33. Fancy Cut 102
  34. Fancy Marquise Cut 2
  35. Fancy Oval Cut 7
  36. Fancy Trilliant Cabochon 1
  37. Fancy Trillion Cut 3
  38. Heart Cut 10
  39. Heart Shape Briolette Cut 1
  40. Heart Shape Cabochon 4
  41. Hexagonal Flower Cut 4
  42. Hexagonal Star Cut 1
  43. Marquise Cabochon 39
  44. Marquise Cut 278
  45. Nova Cut 50
  46. Octagon Asscher cut 5
  47. Octagon Cabochon 5
  48. Octagon Checkerboard Cut 1
  49. Octagon Cut 368
  50. Octagon Fancy Cut 10
  51. Octagon radiant cut 12
  52. Oktagon Brillantschliff 5
  53. Oval Barion Cut 1
  54. Oval Brilliant Cut 5
  55. Oval Briolette Cut 4
  56. Oval Buff Top Cut 2
  57. Oval Cabochon 561
  58. Oval Checkerboard Cut 28
  59. Oval Cut 2582
  60. Oval Millenium 9
  61. Oval Precision Cut 3
  62. Oval Radian Cut 1
  63. Oval Rose Cut 2
  64. Pear Cabochon Cut 91
  65. Pear Cut 989
  66. Pear Shape Precision Cut 1
  67. Pear Shaped Checkerboard Cut 4
  68. Pear Shaped Concave Cut 1
  69. Pear Shaped Rose Cut 2
  70. Portuguese Pear Cut 2
  71. Princess Cut 92
  72. Quadratischer Schachbrettschliff 1
  73. Rounch Checkerboard Cut 14
  74. Round Briolette Cut 1
  75. Round Buff-top Cut 1
  76. Round Cabochon Cut 328
  77. Round Concave Cut 2
  78. Round Cut 2709
  79. Round Fancy Cut 10
  80. Round Pentagon Cut 5
  81. Round Precision Cut 2
  82. Round Rose Cut 24
  83. Round Star Cut 2
  84. Royal Brilliant Cut 12
  85. Square Brilliant Cut 1
  86. Square Fancy Cut 5
  87. Trilliant Brilliant Cut 4
  88. Trilliant Cabochon 26
  89. Trilliant Checkerboard Cut 1
  90. Trilliant Cut 196
  91. Tropfenförmiger Fancy-Schliff 4
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Back Setting
  1. Back Setting 15
  2. Beam mount 2
  3. Bezel Setting 1762
  4. Bezel/Pavé 3
  5. Bezel/Prong 14
  6. Channel Setting 247
  7. Channel/Prong 1
  8. Eingerieben 22
  9. Glued Bezel 308
  10. Half Bezel 3
  11. Inlay 49
  12. Pavé 502
  13. Pin/Channel 8
  14. Pin/Channel 2
  15. Pin/Pavé 2
  16. Pin/Prong 75
  17. Post 128
  18. Prong 7000
  19. V-Prong 95
  20. V-Prong/Prong 64
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Rings are the round fitted bands, in a variance of materials, worn as decorative ornaments. There are finger rings, toe rings, belly button rings, nose rings, and some close-fitting earrings. At Rocks & Co. we are ring experts in the gemstone jewellery world! We are known for beautifully produced rings and other jewels that have a wide range of prices, to suit every pocketbook. Via Rocks & Co. online and our smart TV- auctions, you have access to all of our ring and jewellery collections. Our ring designs range from classic to ornate rings of precious silver and gold, set with Diamonds, Opals, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls, incredible Sapphire variations and more. When shopping for your ring, keep an eye out for gems that you might not be familiar with like Tanzanite, emerald green Diopside, trichroic Andalusite, and the sky blues and reds of Apatite. Rings are an ancient form of self-adornment that has carried on into today. Originally, rings were created and worn by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, although there is a bit of an archaeological standoff on the origin of the oldest ring known to man. The rings of our lives seem to hold a special place in our hearts and conscience. We use rings for special occasions, in remembrance, fraternity and celebration. Rings are given, inherited, promised and sometimes hold a mystery or two. Rocks & Co. online and TV makes it a pleasure for you find the style, size, gemstone and precious metal type in a ring that is truly you.

Diamond Rings

Diamond rings have been the traditional engagement ring for eons and feature the strongest gemstone known to man. Diamonds are pricey, but actually not that rare compared to some other precious gems. Yet Diamond rings are known as a collectable investment.  The quality of Diamonds is pretty easily detected with the help of trusted jewellers and the GIA. It is important to deal with jewellers who work exclusively with mines that use ethical practices. Is the classic solitaire with a pronged setting what comes to mind when shopping for your Diamond ring? At Rocks & Co., some gorgeous alternate Diamond ring settings include the eternity ring setting, which has smaller Diamonds set evenly around the circumference of the band. This can be incredibly beautiful in white, yellow or pink gold set thinner bands. The choice of Diamond colour is also flexible with the numerous juicy fruit colours of fancy Diamonds available. Another option is a multi-eternity setting, where the gem-set bands are connected in a 'roller ring' style. Diamond rings are worn as cocktail and statement rings by women and men, who choose to use the jewel as a symbol of independence and in celebration of achievement. Although white Diamond rings are the traditional go-to, fancy Diamond rings are becoming more and more sought after as well.

Men's Rings

Men have worn rings throughout the ages and were actually the first to wear rings. The new popularity of men's rings should not be a surprising trend. At Rocks & Co. and in the rest of the world, men seem to gravitate more towards the white precious metal rings of sterling silver and white gold. The designs tend to be bigger with a wider band, a larger solitaire cut gem or eternity setting of smaller stones. In addition to wedding bands, men's rings are worn to identify with fraternities, clubs and to celebrate business achievements. Rings: enjoyed more and more by men as a personal statement of style.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings use a universal circular symbol in the settings. A classic eternity ring will have a band, set with the same size or differentiating size gemstones set evenly all around the circumference, creating the eternal circle. Given as promise rings, engagement rings and wedding rings, the symbolism of this ring is of an enduring relationship to another or a spiritual commitment.

Rings in Gold

'Rings of Gold' was a sweet country song by Dottie & Don - Don Gibson & Dottie West in 1969 - which reached number 2 on the Billboard chart. It talks about the rings representing love and loyalty, but turning to dust! Luckily real gold rings are built to last. The classic wedding ring has been a ring of gold, which one of the strongest most valuable precious metals in the world. Gold rings are and have been thought of as wearable investments. White gold rings are elegant and classy, great with a warmer-hued skin tone. Yellow and pink gold rings are wonderful with cooler skin tones. At Rocks and Co., you will find simple gold bands, as well as our array of gemstone rings in yellow, pink or white gold.

Ladies Rings

At Rocks & Co. you will find ladies rings of beauty and distinction at a great range of prices.  Ladies rings are accessible via several search options, including gemstone type, precious metal type, and gemstone colour. If you cannot find your size please check out the men's rings section for larger sizes as many of our streamlined designs can easily be unisex. Current trends include ring stacking, cocktail and statement rings. At Rocks and Co. you can meet the trends, but more importantly, find classic and elegant designs for all seasons. For some of our more elaborate designs look for the Dallas Prince brand in our Ladies rings collections. If you are more interested in the various offers that include the gemstone of your birthday month, or simply your favourite gemstone, search for your Ladies rings under the gemstone type.

Sapphire Rings

Sapphire is one of the gemstones in the Big 4 most popular gems in the world along with Ruby, Emerald and Diamond. Sapphire ring lovers will enjoy perusing our offers at Rocks & Co. which include unheated Padparadscha Sapphire rings, unheated (pink) Ceylon Sapphire rings, incredible deep blue 9K Burmese Sapphire rings, all set in gold, sterling and gold Vermeil.

Opal Rings

Opals are a gemstone world within the gemstone world. The gem has up to 20% water trapped in a silica structure, a result of seasonal rains drenching the desert soil, such as in the Australian outback. Because of its amorphous structure, it is characterised as a mineraloid, not a mineral. There are so many incredible Opal rings to choose from at Rocks & Co. Our Opal rings collections include the intense multi-coloured opaque gems that display the coveted colour-play (iridescence) and Fire Opals, the single coloured transparent gems. Opal rings are a favourite with some of the ladies seeking a non-traditional gemstone option for wedding and engagement rings. The opalescence of the stone is incredible when set in yellow gold. Some of our Welo Opal jewellery designs are nothing short of breathtaking.  
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