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Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite Rings are rare and sought after by serious gemstone enthusiasts. At Rocks & Co. owning a Tanzanite ring can be an easily achievable goal. Our focus is on affordability and quality. Given that Tanzanite, part of the Zoisite family, rates 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Tanzanite ring designs always require settings that are strong and protective. Tanzanite is known and loved for its intense blues to purple blues. Other colours include green, pink, and yellow which are becoming very popular in rings and other jewellery. Any of these colourful gemstones sit very pretty indeed in Tanzanite Ring settings. There are more than several official Tanzanite colour charting systems, including the ever-trustworthy Rocks & Co., favourite, GIA. At Rocks & Co. we specialise in creating Tanzanite rings and a plethora of gemstone jewellery treasures to suit your taste and your budget. Our Tanzanite rings include Fancy Tanzanite, in an assortment of colours, and the highly valuable blues, purple-blue and violets. For a Tanzanite ring or any piece of Tanzanite jewellery, the gemstone colour is the key!

Tanzanite Jewellery

For centuries gemstone jewellery has been coveted, collected, used in fashion and worship. Tanzanite jewellery features the birthstone of those born in December and is very much part of the contemporary jewellery mix as well. There are those who search and find the perfect piece of Tanzanite jewellery with the passion of a collector. We fans eagerly learn the gemmology of our favourite stones. Tanzanite, for example, is pleochroic, aka trichroic, meaning it has three colours in one gem. Each and every Tanzanite has blue, purple-red and yellow-green-brown in it.  With heat, bronze tones minimize and blues and purples maximize. We gem fans love to mix and match jewels with our outfits, but many favourite jewels rarely come off, for sentimental reasons. Tanzanite jewellery is part of the fashion scene and gem obsessed scene as well!

Tanzanite Earrings

Tanzanite earrings in sterling or gold are wonderful using the precious blue gems alone or combining them with white, clear or other colours, including variations on the blue theme. This multi-colour approach to some earring designs work really well with Tanzanite earrings because of the lushness of the gems colours!

Tanzanite Necklace

A Tanzanite necklace is pretty special. A tennis style or vintage style Tanzanite necklace is gorgeous on the décolletage.  The simplest of designs in Sterling or Gold is the best. The power of Tanzanite is the colour! Although the most valuable colour is the Sapphire blue, Tanzanite necklaces and jewels can have stones with colours ranging from deep Indigo blue to the lightest of violet in the blues, as well as the Fancy Tanzanite colours of yellow pink and green.

Tanzanite Men's Rings

Chromium and vanadium are the chemical elements of Tanzanite. The bigger the stone the deeper the colour and more valuable the stone. A confident man will not exclusively wear a wedding or engagement ring, but rather rings as a fashion statement, and an expression of one's individual style, creativity or team membership. Tanzanite Men's rings have a value and a uniqueness that comes with rare stones. Men's rings are experiencing a big crossover in men's fashion. Tough, tender, sporty or dandy there is a Tanzanite Ring or some other precious metal and gemstone ring with your name on it.

Tanzanite Pendants

Most collectors are aware of the amazing variations of blue Tanzanite pendants, always best set in sterling or gold, but Tanzanite also comes in the Fancy colours including pink, orange, green, yellow, and combo-colours. All perfect for your Tanzanite Pendant! AAA Tanzanite from Merelani Hills is rare and only accessible with extreme difficulty, giving this precious jewel increased value. It is said that Tanzanite is more valuable than a Diamond. The reason is that there are only a few known sources and believed that there no other sources will exist in the future. Basically, it is predicted that there are about ten years of mining left for this stone. We shall see what Mother Nature has to say about this.

Tanzanite Silver Rings

Tanzanite Silver rings work so well because of the beautiful interplay between the white of the sterling silver settings and the blues of the gemstone. Clean and magic at the same time. Like a blueberry creamsicle to wear as an accessory.

Tanzanite Bracelets

What would all of the Tanzanite bracelets lovers do if Manuel de Souza never made the first claim, in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania in 1967?  Find another gem to covet! Luckily we still have some Tanzanite gemstone bracelets to collect and love! Blue gemstones are the most popular in the world, a bracelet set in white gold, sterling, or yellow gold setting, with an array of blue Tanzanite is one luscious jewel, indeed.


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