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Discover incredible amethyst jewellery at Rocks & Co.! In our online shop you will find a large selection of Amethyst gemstones set in gold rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and brooches. A piece of jewellery with a shiny amethyst is an elegant accessory that will ornament your wardrobe advantageously. Here you will find the perfect accessory for every day!

Amethyst is one of the most popular stones. Amethyst jewellery is timeless and has long been used: Cleopatra wore jewellery set with amethyst; The wife of George III also knew how to appreciate the unique beauty of the amethyst.

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Amethyst pendant

Amethyst jewellery a unique shade

It is especially known for its purple hues that this gem, which belongs to the mineralogical family of quartz, is coveted throughout the world. Purple has always been a symbol of power, and the seals decorated with amethyst (called "Peter of the Pope") have long been worn by members of the Catholic Church.

The purple colour and the crystalline purity of this fine stone are its trademarks. The intensity of the colour can vary considerably: in Rocks & Co. you can admire jewellery adorned with amethysts rich in purple tones, like the amethyst of Brejinho or the amethyst of Uruguay or Siberia; Or discover varieties in lighter tones, such as Amethyst Lavender or Amethyst Rose of France. Amethyst also exists in other colours: green amethyst is just as irresistible as ametrine, a gemstone made from the combination of amethyst and citrine.

At Rocks & Co., you have the unique opportunity to buy jewellery ornamented these unique stones at the best prices. For a clear concise view on our selection of amethyst jewellery, consider using our useful features: the magnifying glass, on the product pages, which helps you to admire all the details of your gemstone, while the 180 degree view allows you to appreciate and value the colour and effect of your piece of jewellery!

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