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Pearl Rings

At Rocks & Co., our Pearl rings selection give you a chance to own a gorgeously crafted genuine gemstone ring at a very reasonable price. Take a look at some of our Pearl Ring beauties online, featuring Akoya Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls, Tahitian Pearls and more. One of our more popular unisex Pearl rings is set in an infinity style. The Akoya Pearl ring has the same size Pearls set all around the band of white gold. Simply beautiful. Fantastic as a gift for your favourite June born birthday friend, or as an engagement ring, or even a wedding band! Then there are the solitaire Pearl Rings, featuring a generously sized Pearl alone or with accent stones of Sapphire, for example. Our gemstone experts and talented designers have collaborated to make our gemstone jewellery beautiful and accessible.

Pearl Earrings

When you think of Pearl earrings, what is the first style that comes to mind? The classic Pearl stud, perhaps? These are collectable and can be dressed up, or to add glamour to your work or casual attire. Let's call the Pearl stud a gemstone classic. It will never go out of style. Then we have teardrop or pear shaped-Pearl Drop earrings, which can dangle on their own, set in precious gold or silver, but as well can be enhanced in combination with Diamonds, Sapphires and other gemstones as accents. This shape is actually a classic as well. Pearl drop earrings are some of our most popular. Pearls have rainbow of hues to choose from, and as well the designs are often crafted utilising gorgeous faceted or cabochon cut secondary gemstones as accents. Another cool look is the classic hoop earring with the infinity style setting of same size Pearls set around the circumference of the gold or sterling hoop. One of the trends for fashion  in 2019 is 'Statement' pieces. 'Statement' Pearl earrings have been shown on runways as a single earring, or in fabulous showy pairs. They are usually very showy, oversized. Organic oversized Pearls, hoops, cuff earrings, very long Pearl strand earrings featuring giant Pearls graduating in size, fan-like ear cuffs with sea urchin looking settings and so on. Our talented designers have added their spin to this trend but with a definitive Rocks & Co. stamp. A little more subtle but fun and always gorgeous.

Pearl Jewellery

What is perfect spherically, warm to the touch, purely organic, seductive and desired by all? Pearl jewellery. A strand of Pearls is something every girl and many boys want. Pearl earrings can make you feel pampered and beautiful. Pearls and Pearl jewellery are said to have been all-time most beloved in the gemstone world. The value of a pearl necklace is in part based on how closely the gems match in size. The smoothness is another story. If your pearls are completely smooth to the touch (some rub gently on their teeth) it is likely you have purchased a string of fakes. Real genuine Pearls, whether cultured or found in the wild are naturally a little rigidly. Imperfect beauties, enter our story once again!

Pearl Drop Earrings

The Dutch 'Golden Age' painter Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring", painted in 1665, is a hauntingly beautiful oil painting and perhaps, the young model may be one of the first 'influencers' of style, fashion and beauty. The painting definitely contributed to the popularity of this teardrop-shaped gemstone jewel.  The drop shape is sensual, feminine beguiling, much like the young lady's eyes glancing flirtingly at the viewer.

Pearl & Diamond Jewellery

At Rocks & Co. we love to “mix it up” gemstone wise. For example, we have a small collection which features white Akoya Pearls, with Sky Blue Topaz and Smoky Quartz sharing the top billing, in a gorgeous white gold setting. Similar combos can be found, for example our Pearl and Diamond Jewellery creations. The excitement of piece like this is of 'play' between the brilliant translucence the  Diamond and the moon glow opaque pearl-essence of the Pearl. Who can forget the Prince song ‘Diamonds & Pearls’. Another classic and tribute to a classic gemstone pairing of two of the most beloved and valuable gems.

Fresh Water Pearl Jewellery

At Rocks & Co., we currently have several collections with Fresh Water Pearls set in gold or sterling. Some of the groups have a cool contemporary style, dialling into the art deco future is now feeling. Freshwater Pearls are harvested or found in lakes and are some of the most popular.

Tahitian Pearl Jewelry

'Black Pearl' jewellery is very popular at the moment.  Tahitian Pearl jewellery utilizing the coveted gem with hues that range from, white to black. True black Pearls are very rare and pricey. these gemstone lovelies have a mysterious depth to their lustre. The gems are cultivated in the French Polynesian Islands, from the Pinctada margaritifera, a black oyster. The value of Tahitian Pearls depends on the hue which includes greys, blues, greens.

Pearl Pendants

Pearl pendants are a wonderful way of owning and wearing a little piece of luxury. Often combined with side stones of Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby and many other gem options, to be worn on a chain of gold or sterling silver. Again the combo is quite  fabulous with the glowing opaque Pearl, nestled with the translucence and colour of the combined gemstones.
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