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Citrine Rings

Citrine rings feature the crystal ‘honey toned’ members of the Quartz family. Known as an affordable gem, depending on the clarity, cut, and colour, the price and value can actually vary greatly. Quartz gemstone has been used for thousands of years. The Egyptians adored Citrine, in rings, jewels and, in particular, used this gem for talisman to ward off evil. Citrine was often used in jewels of the Victorian and Art Deco eras and is extremely popular nowadays too. Natural Citrine is extremely rare.  The majority of Citrine is actually heat-treated Amethyst. Heat treatment is a common centuries-old practice. Rating 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it is best to simply clean your Citrine rings and jewels by hand with soap and water. Steam cleaning is safe for your precious Citrine rings as well. Citrine rings and jewels feature a gem known esoterically as a brilliant energy-imbued stone that promotes mental clarity.

November Birthstone

Citrine and Topaz are the birthstones for November. In comparison, Citrine rings and jewels are much less expensive than Topaz, making them affordable glamorous options as a birthday gift. November’s Citrine is one of the most popular gems on the market. The colours range from pale yellows, to reddish browns, to burnt oranges, all of which get their hues from iron. The clarity and beauty of the gem are outstanding and it’s well worth gifting this November birthstone jewel to yourself or your November-born intended. Yellow, red and orange gemstones look absolutely amazing on warmer skin tones. What type of jewel does a November born babe prefer? That is quite personal and an important question to answer before gifting!

Citrine and Diamond Rings

Citrine is a sunny warm complement to the brilliant, cool white Diamond. Citrine and Diamond rings make for a distinctive, engaging jewel. Most often the combo features the Citrine as the solitaire centre stone with a pave of white Diamonds surrounding it in a halo setting. The tone of the jewel differs significantly when the setting is white gold versus a yellow gold alloy. Citrine and Diamond rings are a popular choice for engagement rings and for good reason. The warm tones of the practically flawless Citrine with the cool white brilliance of the classic Diamond make for an outstanding and romantic jewel.

Citrine Rings in Silver

Sweet honey in the rock! Citrine is known for its amber honey-toned yellows and oranges. This coveted gem sets beautifully in both white precious metals of sterling silver, white gold and platinum, as well as in yellow gold. At Rocks & Co. we have lovely creations of Mandarin Citrine rings in silver, Madera Citrine rings in silver and lemon Citrine rings in silver. The white of sterling and white gold bring out the cooler tones of the gems whilst our yellow-hued gold vermeil silver brings out the warmer tones. There are so many Citrine rings in silver to choose from at Rocks & Co! It's a beautiful thing indeed!

Gold Citrine Rings

There are several options with gold Citrine rings as well, all beautiful, but in different ways. Yellow gold and Citrine ring’s play of colour has a warmer toned impact as compared with a white gold and Citrine ring, which gives off a cooler hue. Citrine is known as a more reasonably priced gemstone, but once you add gold and especially a higher karat, the value and price will naturally go up. Either way, it is always best to go with jewellers who create high-quality jewels no matter the price point. Citrine loves warm skin tones, along with other warm-toned gems like Garnet, Ruby, Peridot, Fancy Yellow Diamonds, etc. Skin tone is not an issue of the lightness or darkness of skin by the way. One can have pale skin with warm skin tones. Skin tone is determined by the colour of your veins. Green veins are warm skin toned and blue veins are cool skin tones, which are flattered by white precious metals of white gold and silver and cooler-toned gems like Amethyst or Sapphire. That being said, if you love a jewel, love it and make it work for you!  

Citrine Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings were originally very ornate gemstone rings with larger centre stones and often with a pave of smaller bright stones surrounding and enhancing an outstanding design. Statement rings of today are a contemporary way of naming cocktail rings. The history of the Citrine cocktail ring, and all other cocktail rings for that matter, dates back to America in the roaring 1920s during the era of alcohol prohibition. The banning of alcohol prompted underground speakeasies and private cocktail parties. Women had won the right to vote and were expressing newfound independence via flapper style, fashion, spending power and business ownership. And so it is said the 'cocktail' ring was coined as an expression of that independence. Cocktail rings were often created as an over the top and often 'artsy' jewel that commanded focus, conversation and comment. Citrine cocktail rings are a wonderful option for this style and the prices can go from low to high-end. Citrine cocktail rings at Rocks & Co. range in styles from more classic and subdued to ornate and filigreed, with differing offers, from our varied designers and brands.

Men's Citrine Rings

Want an outstanding men’s ring with a nice big centered gemstone that is not too pricey? Men's Citrine rings hit all of these goalposts. Men are wearing rings as well as other jewels such as chains with single pendants more and more these days. It's fun, it's sexy and it's stylish. Men's Citrine rings set in silver or gold are a popular go-to as well as black and blue gemstone rings for men. Citrine is available in larger cuts, which are perfect for the preferred men's ring style of a larger solitaire in a square, round, oval shape with a faceted or cabochon cut. Men's Citrine rings are perfect for gents who want to sport a sunny warm hue, but not too bright. The gems are grounded by the amber tones and also come in the burnt orange of Madeira Citrine as well. Citrine is actually listed in several publications as a good gem choice or the gents. So, go get those men’s Citrine rings gents!  
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