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8 Emerald Jewellery Tales

You will find an array of genuine Emerald rings at Rocks & Co., set beautifully in handcrafted designs of sterling silver and gold. Known for intense colours and inclusions, Emeralds are a famously imperfect gem. From dark to light greens, Emerald rings are always right, for the mix and match of fashion styles and trends. Emerald jewellery has long been sought after accessories because of the intense gem colours. There once was a lucky young girl, born in the month of May. Despite not being born into wealth, she had an ongoing affinity for gemstones and a great sense of style and gemstone luck! In fact, at an early age, she acquired a simple solitaire Emerald ring from a kind Sister, in the convent where she was educated. The young woman had notable auburn curls, Emerald green eyes, and an eye for putting an ensemble together. Her Emerald ring had a simple matte gold band and a square cut solitaire gem in the centre. Her green gemstone ring looked especially amazing with her black school uniform and later when she was older, with her oversized cream coloured cashmere sweater and navy wool pencil skirt and other outfits. Throughout her life she received gifts from different people, or was able to find great deals, thus building her amazing collection of Emerald rings, Emerald earrings, Emerald bracelets, Emerald necklaces and other Emerald treasures. As her collection slowly grew, so did her creativity in mixing and matching the jewels with the clothes of each season.

Emerald Jewellery

Emerald jewellery is stand-alone amazing, but can be layered with other coloured jewels as well, like its “big four” brethren Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire. Emerald jewellery can go from the boardroom to the ballroom in a snap, worn beautifully with winter’s sombre colours and as well with spring and summer’s bright hues! There once was an interesting young lady, who loved to be creative with the accessories and clothes that she would wear to university. The other students were amazed at her eye for a bargain and brazen mixing and matching of her Emerald jewellery with her various outfits. She loved yellow or white-gold settings just as much as sterling silver. ‘It depends on the gems’ she would tell anyone who asked, ‘and what you will wear the jewels with!’

Emerald Earrings

Many know of the famous painting and legend - Girl with a Pearl Earring but what of The Girl with the Emerald Earrings? What are those Emerald earrings stories? Extraordinary - ordinary gals with gemstone jewellery stories to tell? We at Rocks & Co. say yes to stories of ingenuity and luck, where once unattainable treasures are acquired by plucky and lucky heroines! Tales of mysterious Emerald earrings ranging in colours from light mint greens to deep dark forest greens, set in wonderful settings abound, where a regular girl has Emerald solitaire post earrings, Emerald hoops earrings and Emerald drop earrings in her collection. One morning at the office I spot a gorgeous pair of Emerald earrings, in a teardrop cut. The Girl with the Emerald Earrings sits in our office at her desk, wearing a charcoal oversized grey sweater and her Shirley McClaine pixie haircut, casually sipping her tea.  

Emerald Necklace

One day a scientist finishing with her duties at the Lab, heads home to be mom - with her kids. Later, she nonchalantly steps out to the supermarket, not realizing that she was still wearing a layering of five strands of Rivière style Emerald necklaces that her daughters anointed her with during playtime! The townspeople were aghast and in awe at the same time. The crisp white men’s shirt and black running pants only added to her mystery and style!  

Men's Emerald Rings

A charming gentleman often glanced at his favourite ring for calm and focus. The men's Emerald ring was given to him by his late mother, of auburn curls and green eyes. The inclusions reminding him of the imperfections of this beautiful life. The stone's colour matched well with his dark navy work shirt. Although he adored his solitaire ring, he was considering self-gifting himself with a multi-stoned eternity ring of Emeralds in a gold band from Rocks & Co. The clock had just hit midnight and it was 2019, time for something new!

Emerald Pendants

Emerald pendants use the famous gemstone that is the blueish green to a deep green member of the Beryl family. Emeralds are known for evoking a sense of calm and soothing the eyes.The fairy tapped on her Emerald Pendant pensively and to her surprise she was released from a dark spell! Pendants look amazing when worn on an exposed neck. V-necks or any other shirt with an open neckline are best. Gemstone pendants often carry sentimental value. The delicate beauty of an Emerald pendant is - enough to release a bewitched fairy!

Silver Emerald Rings

The young man could not forget that simple girl who shopped for fruits and vegetables in a slate grey work outfit and stacks of splendid silver Emerald rings on several fingers. What sassiness! He had to see her again. Her silver Emerald rings were an interesting mix of solitaire, ornate and multi-stone settings. One stand-out ring was in the eternity style, with same size stones circling the entire silver band. One thing he could see was the purity of the gems, the quality of the nickel free silver, and the craftsmanship. He thought- ‘What style, what a girl!’

Emerald Bracelet

The love-birds shied away from any formal ties that might be expected and simply exchanged stunning Emerald bracelets for him and her. Emerald eternity bracelets to be exact. The young man needed to impress his girl and presented her with an Emerald bracelet made up of all of the Emerald types in one bracelet! A gorgeous white gold link chain bracelet with bezels held identical 'emerald-cut' gemstones, each with its own distinct origin. She was more than delighted with the creativity of her new love and her stunning Emerald bracelet, which included one AAA Brazilian Emerald, one AAA Russian Emerald, one AAA Zambian Emerald, one Bahia Emerald, one renegade Bixbite Red Emerald, one Columbian Emerald, one La Pita Emerald, one Muzo Columbian Emerald, one Nova Era Emerald, one Sao Francisco Emerald- with a super intense vanadium induced green colour, a Socoto Emerald, and finally one Zambian Emerald! She thought, ‘What an Emerald Bracelet! What a guy!’
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