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Synonymous with high fashion, Rocks & Co/Juwelo. is an online jewellery shopping. We are also on TV in Germany and Italy. Our team includes internationally renowned gemstone experts and jewellery designers who understand fashion, beauty and style. Rocks & Co. brings consumers an exquisite range of jewellery, including exclusive collections that cover every taste from classic to contemporary. Each piece of Rocks & Co. jewellery is crafted to precise specifications using quality gemstones and materials authenticated by an internationally respected team of gemstone and jewellery buyers, many of whom are leaders in their respective fields.

Rocks & Co. is the English subsidiary of elumeo SE, the European leader in electronic retailing of fine jewellery. The management of elumeo has over 20 years’ experience in the gemstone and jewellery business. This experience means we obtain some of the best gemstones for low prices and we pass that saving onto our customers. We proudly offer exceptional quality jewellery at the most competitive prices.


Designer Paul Udomkiet

Our jewellery designer Paul Udomkiet

Our gorgeous gemstone jewellery is handcrafted in the highest precision by our teams in Thailand and India. With its headquarters in Chanthaburi, our factory is located at the pulse of the gemstone market. Chanthaburi is a major hub in the gem trade, this city has been trading in gemstones for over 80 years. There are only two similar markets (in Jaipur, India and in Teófilo Otoni, Brazil) but it is only in Chanthaburi where gems can be bought in such large quantities, allowing negotiation for the best price. 

Rocks & Co.’s manufacturing campus in Thailand is Chanthaburi’s largest jewellery production facility with over 750 employees in twenty departments covering all aspects of jewellery production. There are 130 certified gemstone setters and over 90 in our Quality Assurance department to maintain the company’s long-standing commitment to product quality,  we make sure that every step of the manufacturing process is done with an exceptional level of detail. We maintain a very high standard of employment conditions and occupational health standards; paying in excess of compensation levels specified under collective agreements, providing health insurance for all employees and the campus even houses its own kindergarten. 

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