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Peridot Rings

Stunning Peridot rings at Rocks & Co. online feature the intense olive to grass green gemstone variety of the mineral olivine. The gem chemically includes iron and magnesium and is born from volcanic rocks. Part of the Peridot rings and jewel obsession is the extremely high refraction rate of the gemstone. Peridot rings are brilliant and can easily be set in yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver settings. The popularity of Peridot rings and jewels dates back to the ancient Egyptians who discovered the gems on the Red Sea isle of Zabargad. The pleasing yellow inner glow inspired the Egyptians to dub Peridot as "the gem of the sun". This legendary gem is more popular than ever as the fashion world and the general public continue their growing love affair with colourful gemstones. In addition to Peridot rings being part of the colourful gemstone fascination, the jewels have joined the ranks of new engagement ring options. Peridot rings feature a delicate stunning gem that rates 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is best to wash your Peridot rings by hand with simple soap and water. Click here to find more gemstone information and care guidelines for all of our precious gemstone jewellery.

August Birthstone Rings

Peridot, Spinel and Sardonyx are the three birthstones for August. The birthstone tradition has its roots in the ancient biblical stories of the breastplate of Aaron, which contained 12 gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. These gemstones were later affiliated with the twelve months of the year and their astrological signs. August birthstone rings and jewels are popular in gift-giving, including self-gifting. Let’s face it, August babies, self-gifting is a wonderful thing. August birthstone rings feature exceptional beauties from the world of natural gemstones. Spinel comes in incredible colours including red, rose, violet and cobalt blue. Sardonyx is a beautiful brown banded form of Onyx, and the star of this story, Peridot is the intensely green semi-precious gem that has enchanted for centuries. Its colour ranges from chartreuse (yellow-green) green to grass green, which should make intense Leos and some earthy Virgos very happy indeed. The beloved gemstone, popular since the time of the Pharaohs, displays a vivid green that is the night to Emerald's day. According to legend the nickname and story of the "night Emerald" come from the fact that the gems were harvested at night when you could see them glistening in the moonlight. Because the gem is so very ancient, there are many wonderful tales and legends associated with it.

Peridot and Diamond Rings

The bright sparkle of a Peridot ring is given even more fire and flash when the setting includes the classic brightness of white diamonds in concert. Peridot and Diamond rings are literally spectacular to look at and wear. The brilliance of the white Diamond and the sunny green brilliance of the Peridot marry delightfully in a white gold, yellow gold or silver setting. This modern beauty has become one of the go-to jewels for girls seeking engagement ring alternates to the traditional Diamond ring. Peridot and Diamond rings are an unexpected stunner. At Rocks & Co. there are so many jewel designs to choose from including the Peridot and Diamond combination, such as our collectable stunners from de Melo. At Rocks & Co. all of our stunning Peridot & Diamond jewels are backed by a certificate of authority to guarantee their authenticity.

Peridot Gold Ring

Searching for a stunning chartreuse jewel in gold? Look no further than our Peridot gold ring section at Rocks & Co. We have an array of the grass green gemstones set in white, rose, and yellow gold settings. A classic favourite is our Peridot gold rings set in yellow gold. This flattering combo with 14k or 18k gold creates a wonderful colour play where the yellow gold highlights the yellow in the gem, increasing the sparkle factor. Kind of like a yellow jumper can seem to make green eyes appear a brighter green. Colour play is a big theme with gemstone jewellery which is why fashion is on top of the bandwagon. For collectors, Peridot gold rings are stunners and valuable additions to their collections.

Men's Peridot Rings

Men's Peridot rings feature a gemstone with extremely high refraction rate making them a bright sparkling gemstone when cut properly. Men tend to have fewer items in the jewel box, although that is changing quickly. Men's Peridot rings set in white gold or silver are some favs for gents who shop at Rocks & Co, and no wonder! Green is a neutral colour that will easily suit the taste of men from many walks of life. Men's Peridot rings feature a gem know for calming, clarity and loyalty. At Rocks & Co. we pride ourselves on our gemstone knowledge, jewellery craftsmanship, and great prices.

Peridot Silver Rings

The current sources of Peridot are Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Zambia, and the USA. Yes, Peridot is a gemstone with deposits on meteors, making the gem ‘extraterrestrial’ but rarely are gemstone-quality pieces found. 90 per cent of gemstone-quality Peridot is from the San Carlos Apache reservation in Arizona, benefiting the tribe, which has exclusive mining right. Throughout history, there has been an affiliation of healing, love, and general good vibes with green gems. Green gemstones represent the heart chakra, loyalty, mental clarity and the green bounty of our beautiful planet. These particular green gems were once thought of as holy and healing and were used in ceremonial jewellery. Peridot silver rings are popular in the esoteric world because of the affiliation of good luck and healing of green gems. Peridot silver rings are trending in fashion because they are affordable jewels with the availability of larger gemstones. The white heat of Peridot silver rings is undeniable. The yellow-green against the precious metal brings out the brilliance of the gem, which is flattering on any skin tone. The green of Peridot rings and jewels vary depending on the source of the gems, ranging from chartreuse to olive-green to grass green. The intensity of the green colour is derived from iron. The most prized Peridot rings and jewellery feature gems with a golden glow.
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