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Garnet Rings

Garnet rings and jewels have seemingly limitless design possibilities because of the number of gem varieties and the huge colour range in this mineral group. There are the more traditional deep red Garnet rings, but that is only the beginning. Enjoy all the options at Rocks & Co. when perusing Garnet rings. You might even spot a yellow or orange-hued Hessonite Garnet ring that catches your eye. Hessonite's colour ranges from warm yellows to oranges. If you keep browsing, you can find a group of the extremely rare green Tsavorite Garnet rings as well, perfect with blue eyes and blue jeans. Check out some of our Madagascar colour changing Garnet rings, which, depending on the light, change from blue to violet. All of these colourful Garnet rings, set in silver or gold, play wonderfully into the current jewel layering and ring stacking trends, adding some much-needed colour to the end of winter and its often beautiful, but dark and neutral, clothing combos. The Garnet Jewellery adventure has begun!

Garnet Jewellery

January's birthstone has been used in gemstone jewellery for ages, literally, and for good reason. Garnet is a set of closely related minerals, in terms of physical crystal structure, that have a full-colour range as a result of the chemical differences. Reds (like the popular Almandine Garnet) have a historical familiarity and use and are the most abundant. Some of the other colours can be quite rare, like the amazingly green Tsavorites, mandarine orange Spessartite Garnets, purple-red Rhodolite and the incredible blue Garnets (resulting from a blend of Pyrope & Spessartine) are part of our healthy Garnet Jewellery collection.

Garnet Earrings

Pomegranate red is what comes to mind when one thinks of Garnet jewels. But that is only the beginning with these wonderful minerals. Magenta Garnet jewels are abundant in our store, even in the Garnet earring collection. This rare purple gem was discovered in Mozambique and is one of the most intense purple coloured gems around. Magenta Garnet earrings set in white gold or yellow gold are amazingly flattering to the face. Either as single or multi-stone stud earrings or as drops, hoops or dangle earrings, Garnet is a great match. Garnet jewels are known for the gemstones´ intense colours. Garnet earrings are an affordable, sumptuously colourful addition to your earring collection. One of the trends in jewels right now is multiple piercings (paying tribute to East Indian, African and Asian cultural traditions). It is very important to get your piercings performed at a reputable establishment known for safe, sterile practices. It is also a good idea to have precious metal earring findings and posts, with absolutely no nickel or questionable metals mixed in. Now for the fun part: selecting your Garnet earring design and gemstone combinations. Maybe try a pair of deep red Almandine Garnet stud earrings with mini gold hoops in the second piercing position, for example. Or maybe some purple Garnet ‘Huggie Hoops’ with multiple gems, is a great way to increase the luxury factor. Why not pair your Garnet ‘Huggie Hoops’ with a pair of tiny white Garnet studs or even some white Zircon studs.

Garnet Necklace

If you like your Garnet necklace in the orange range, take a look at some of the Malaya Garnet jewels at Rocks & Co. The east African gem ranges in colour from light to dark pink-orange, red-orange and yellow-orange. You can have your Garnet necklace in a wide range of colours and settings. Layer a Malaya Garnet necklace set in yellow gold with an Almandine Garnet necklace set in white gold and you will be feeling in the mix and beautiful.

Garnet Bracelet

Craving a Ruby bracelet but can't afford it? Explore the semi-precious Garnet Bracelet collection at Rocks & Co., and you might be very satisfied indeed. The juicy colours of the Garnet families make for gorgeous arm candy. The layering trend works well with Garnet bracelets as well. A Garnet white gold link bracelet layered with a delicate gold or white precious metal chain bracelet layers beautifully. A red or white Garnet tennis style bracelet stands alone or can flow with the layering jewel trend too.

Men's Garnet Rings

As we have been saying Men's jewels are taking their place on the runway and off. Men's Garnet rings are no exception. The stone is so reasonable in many cases that a bold statement ring is easily affordable. Another nice look for a men's ring is the ‘infinity’ design, which features same size stones set in a row going fully around the band. A thicker band works really well for men, who like things simple and a bit bold. Solitaire rings with one large square, round or oval cut stone set in a wider band of gold or sterling is a go-to for men's Garnet rings and men's rings in general.

Garnet Pendant

A simple knitwear sweater combo in grey is the perfect frame for your Garnet pendant in silver or gold. Garnet pendants and jewels have been worn both for fashion and for the gemstone's purported healing and energetic abilities throughout time. The gemstone is known for healing and encouraging fidelity, prompting the gem´s use in anniversary jewels.

Silver Garnet Rings

Silver garnet rings are popular for several reasons. They are an affordable gemstone jewellery option and the combination of the deep colours of the Garnets are reflected really well by the white precious metal setting. White metal is a great frame for the gemstone, and often Garnet can be found set in a halo setting surrounded with white stones. This colour pop goes for silver Garnet rings and white gold Garnet rings.
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