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Diamond Pendant

At Rocks & Co. online you can inspect our Diamond pendants and jewels with a 360-degree view any time you fancy. This gives you a very convenient, up-close visual of some of the most beautifully made and affordable Diamond pendants and jewels in the online shopping world. The choices of Diamond pendants in our store are plentiful and created with a wide variety of the gemstone. When searching for Diamond pendants in our online store you will, of course, find silver and gold jewels with classic white Diamonds, but there is a vast array of gorgeous pendants created with gems from the colourful Fancy Diamond family as well. Are you curious about a Champagne Diamond pendant? Champagne Diamonds are a customer favourite, as are Chocolate Diamonds. More customer favourites include jewels made with canary yellow Diamonds; yellow being one of the breakout hues of the holiday season. Everyone who loves colour loves sensuous red Diamond pendants, seagrass green Diamond jewels, blue Diamond accessories and jewels featuring the dark beauty of a black Diamond. All of our Diamond pendants are set beautifully in designs that range from vintage-styled ornate jewels to streamlined contemporary beauties. Some of our Diamond pendant designs include the “off the charts”-popular medallion pendant in gold or silver with artfully placed gems. These can be paired with other Diamond pendant designs from Rocks & Co., for instance, the vintage influenced ornate filigree pieces also created from gold or silver. Gold medallion pendants with or without Diamonds and other gemstones are extremely popular at the moment. Round gold coins and coin-styled pendants and medallions are everywhere as part of the gold chain with pendants, layered look. Perhaps part of the reason for the gold medallion madness is the appeal of the universally recognised spherical shape, reminiscent of the sun, moon and planets? Another popular universal design are infinity style pendants set with a pave of the indelible gem.

Diamond Necklace

The gemstone is the strongest known mineral on the planet and has an extreme fire and intensity to rival most others. A classic white Diamond necklace is stunning for special occasions and for some game-changers can be worn at the office as a strong statement piece. Fancy Diamond necklaces and jewels can be worn more easily in an array of occasions. A Diamond necklace is sure to grab attention no matter the colour or occasion because of the fire and brilliance of the gem.  That coupled with the precious metals of silver, gold and platinum make the Diamond necklace a definitive luxury item. Diamond jewels will always be a luxury item in part because of the labour involved in retrieving the gems, the gemstone's exquisite beauty, and its indelible structure. Diamonds are literally indestructible, rating 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. At Rocks & Co. we make every attempt to only use Diamonds that are conflict-free, abiding by the Kimberly Process. At the most recent plenary meeting of the Kimberly Process held in November 2019, sadly the discussion was of a worldwide failure to meet the goals of full protection for the vulnerable communities living in and around the mining areas. The Kimberly Process at this point 'only shines a spotlight on the problem'. The entire industrial world, including fashion, like it or not, is going through seismic process of transparency, which is an extremely important step towards a sustainable world.

Diamond Cross

Of course, a Diamond cross can be worn as a sign of religious or spiritual commitment, but many in fashion and Rock & Roll have worn the symbol simply as a statement of style. At Rocks & Co. we have lovely Diamond cross pendants with colourful fancy Diamonds, classic white Diamonds, and intensely beautiful black Diamonds for you to choose from.

Men's Diamond Pendants

Men's Diamond pendants vary greatly in style, quality and price, but at Rocks & Co. we can confidently say that all of our jewels are created with excellence. Men's Diamond pendants and jewels sales are pretty much neck and neck (pun intended) with men's Diamond rings and men's rings in general. Men are having a jewel renaissance not seen since the Renaissance. This newfound interest has jewellers scrambling for ‘men’s lines’ aimed at enticing the gents. You can easily find whole men's jewel lines catering to the „hip hop star" and "fat cat / gangster" posers. These cartoon designs are often quite literal, including Diamond pendants shaped like guns, stuffed bags with the money symbol, or the money symbol itself. More humorous images are the Playboy bunny or boxing gloves symbols. Most of these companies are sadly not joking, but obviously playing to the lowest common denominator of the desire for cash and power. But thank goodness men's Diamond pendants and jewels have been created with a more positive vision by Rocks & Co. and other less cynical jewellery companies! The medallion craze has been embraced by the gents: popular astrological signs work as pendants for all sexes, the infinity symbol always rocks, and initial, aka alphabet symbol, pendants are being snapped up by both sexes. Many gents prefer these fresher approaches to their Diamond pendants. Remember, in fashion and life, men are not monolithic. A black Diamond pendant is a perfect gift for a mysterious man!

Diamond Solitaire Pendant

A Diamond solitaire pendant is quite stunning with its fire and intensity that belongs exclusively to this gemstone. A Diamond solitaire pendant can be worn alone beautifully or in a layered arrangement with other pendant designs. Solitaire cuts can vary greatly including the brilliant cut, tear-drop, heart shape, emerald cut, table cut and so on. The chain accompanying your pendant is also very important to consider. Think on the length, style and type of precious metal. It’s classic to match a Diamond solitaire set in white gold with a white gold or platinum chain. That being said, mix and match has been a strong ongoing trend in fashion. At Rocks & Co. once you have found your perfect pendant you can then choose the perfect chain to hang it on.

Gold Diamond Pendant

Many cultures believe that wearing gold brings good fortune and good health. Diamond is said to attract abundance, fortitude, faithfulness, harmony and love. A gold Diamond pendant is a beautiful addition to one's jewellery collection. Once you have decided upon the colour and type of Diamond, you need to think about the precious metal colour of the setting and accompanying chain. Will it be a warm yellow gold jewel, or perhaps a cool white silver or gold is more your style, or maybe you are a pink gold accessories lover?

Diamond Heart Pendant

The Diamond heart pendant and the Diamond teardrop pendant are some of the most popular styles of Diamond pendants. The teardrop shape is a sensual universal shape and the heart shape needs no introduction. We all need love. Romantic love, universal love, unconditional love! The heart pendant is a love talisman. Your Diamond heart pendant from Rocks & Co. is waiting on a chain of gold either as a solitaire design or a freestyle heart shape with a Diamond pave. There are so many ways to express Diamond heart pendant love.
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