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Believe it or not, the history of wearing chains as jewellery began way before the brilliant Coco Channel started mixing things up in the fashion world. Chains first began to appear as elements of jewellery in the Bronze Age. Later inventors took notice, including Greek engineer, physicist and writer, Philo of Byzantine, a.k.a. Mechanicus, of their use in military weapon development. In the first century AD Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio built a bucket elevator based on a link chain. Leonardo Da Vinci produced many drawings of what we today refer to as ‘block chains’ and ‘leaf chains’. Fast forward through fashion and industry history to the trend forecasts of 2019/2020. This season has brought us a royal gangster grandness to the runway and fashion blogs with comically oversized chain necklaces, fitting perfectly into the season´s statement accessories. Most of the oversized chains are created using gold plated stainless steel or titanium and are produced as costume jewellery. We were well seduced by the romantic layering of chain necklaces and the revival of vintage Victorian jewellery sets. Wearing several gold or silver chains with various pendants has been shown usually using only one metal/colour (yellow gold versus platinum, white gold or silver) and necklaces of different lengths.  Well-made, delicate but strong gold and silver chains can be found in the Rocks & Co. store online, as well as our TV auctions. Some of our chain options include 18K White Gold Diamond Cut Curb Chains, 9K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Curb Chain, and 925 Sterling Panza curb chains.

Women’s Chains

Chains are created for virtually all body parts. Chain necklaces can be chunky and artful or delicate and elegant. At Rocks & Co. online, it is possible to find the perfect pendant and chain as well as a higher end bespoke gem encrusted chain. Chain jewellery designs are endless and they include chain necklaces, chain bracelets, anklets, y-chains, belly chains, body chains, chain rings and so on. At Rocks & Co. the most popular women’s chains tend to be the thinner, lighter curb chains in gold or silver. A precious metal chain has been an integral part of pendant necklaces throughout time, with lengths starting at the collarbone and extending below the belly button. An attractive length for women lands at the centre of the sternum (16” to 18 “). At Rocks & Co. you can explore our chain necklaces, while perusing our outstanding selection of gemstone pendants.

Types of Chains

The link design is key in the world of chains. The link shape affects the look and how the chain falls. Snake chains, for example, are just that: snaky and smooth because of the overlapping and encasing links.

Box chain

The box chain has flattened, bevelled squared links giving this chain a fuller architecture.

Anchor/Mariner chain

This nautically inspired chain has oval shaped links similar to the chains used for boat anchors.

Cable chain

This classic chain is created with same size round or oval links. Alterations can include the flattening of the links and texturing of the metal.

Curb chain

Made up of oval links and able to lay flat on a surface because of the curve and slight flattening of the links, allowing them to fit perfectly together. This style is quite popular with the gents.

Figaro chain

Flattened links of different sizes distinguishes the Figaro from other chain styles. Several smaller links alternate with longer or larger links in this popular chain, originating in Italy. Ladies and gents love this style.

Rope chain

A twisted woven chain off multiple links that are curved allowing a twisting similar to the look of twisted yarn.

What are Diamond Cut Gold Chains?

A diamond cut means the links have been faceted by a jeweller, with a chisel, sander, polisher or in the original casting. The purpose is to give more sparkle and shine to the chain.

Men’s Chains

Men have been wearing jewellery for centuries, including chains. It’s not a new thing. Men’s jewellery is making a comeback of sorts in fashion and life. Men’s chains and rings, along with men’s bracelets, are the most popular items. A chain can be wonderful worn on its own in addition to being the accessory for your favourite pendant. Chains are a wonderful way to express individuality, sentimentality and style. The season’s oversized chains are a match for some men who want to make a statement or just have fun. Our Rocks & Co. regular sized chains are perfect for everyday wear. Chains are not just for tough guys or softies but all gents in between. A simple gold or silver chain with a symbol, gemstone, coin or other type of pendant, adds an elegant touch to any gents look. At Rocks & Co., from corporate to more casual, a little bling goes a long way. So gents, find your style, find the chain for you and perhaps a pendant or two.  
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