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Zircon Rings

Zircon rings not only make fabulous and affordable substitutes for Diamond rings or other more expensive gemstone rings, but Zircon itself can stand proudly on their own in the gemstone hierarchy. Zircon rings are genuine jewels, with gems that are available in white and a palette of colours including red, pink, golden yellow, brown, and blue. Zircon is a brilliant, fiery, genuine gemstone that has been used in jewellery for centuries. This gemstone should not be confused with man-made cubic zirconia. Zircon is the oldest mineral known to man. The intense vibrancy and availability of the gemstone make it a perfect stone for many of today's gemstone ring and jewel designs. Some Zircon rings are being seen in the 'statement', aka 'cocktail ring', styles of the moment, and yet others in the family have been seen set in engagement ring and other streamlined and intricate settings. Zircon rings are perfect players in the current accessories trend of ring 'stacking'.

Blue Zircon Rings

We got the blues! A blue Zircon ring can be a wonderful thing. This is due in part to its relative availability compared to other blue stone rings. It is possible to have larger gems, which is perfect for a table cut cocktail ring, the ring of the moment, trend-wise. Blue Zircon's colour has often been compared to blue Topaz. The blues. Untreated blue Zircon can range in tone from a light to a dark greenish blue. Heat treated stones can display intense colours from light sky blue to a deep, almost violet, blue. Zircon is an ancient mineral that naturally occurs colourless or in yellow-golden, red, brown, blue and green.  A light blue Ratanakiri Zircon is a splendid thing set in sterling silver or white gold.

Zircon Jewellery

What's trending for Spring/Summer 2019? Well, if you have a flair for the dramatic, this is your season: everything from puffy sleeves, intricate tight pleats, fancy flats (thank goodness), designer rain-gear (not really anything new for the UK, but with climate going wackadoo, it makes sense that designers would make the most of it with fun colours like canary yellow, and new fabrics that are lighter and sexier than those used to make the good old reliable raincoat or trench). Fringe! Let's fringe like we did last summer! Fringe on anything, even on those new flat shoes! Yellow Zircon drop earrings with a clutch with long fringe! Fabulous! Fringed jackets, pants, and jewels and accessories with fringe, AKA tassel earrings, bracelets etc. Zircon Jewellery works wonderfully with the Spring/Summer 2019 style trends hitting the press. Fringe, paisley prints, multi-pattern separates, and all of the fun and wildness of the season can be offset with the fiery yet delicate colours of Zircon jewellery.  Pink, red, and green Zircon jewels are admired by collectors and can get up there in price. At Rocks & Co. our Zircon jewellery collections have a wonderful range of style, gemstone class, colour and price. All of our Zircon jewel settings are created with genuine precious metals of silver or gold. Zircon rates 6 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means your Zircon requires a bit more gentle care with settings and cleaning so as not to damage the precious gems!

Blue Zircon Jewellery

The most popular colour of all is blue, so it makes sense that gemstone jewel lovers add blue Zircon to their collections, such as the sky blue Ratanakiri Zircon - gorgeous set in sterling silver or white gold. Blue Zircon has been compared with blue Topaz for ages. Zircon jewels are a greener blue than Topaz and range from light blue to vibrant deep hues. Both are naturally occurring genuine gemstones. Both are gorgeous. Zircon is the denser gem (Diamond being the densest atomical figuration of any substance) and usually smaller samples occur in the same weight as a Topaz. Both gems are heat treated to bring out the colour. What to wear with your fun, protective and stylish oversized hat this spring or summer? A blue Zircon necklace and blue Zircon cocktail ring, of course.

White Zircon Rings

The Cambodian white Zircon at Rocks & Co. is pure white, meaning Diamond clear and goes just as easily with 'Black Tie' as with 'Chic Tie Dye'. White Zircon rings are classic yet natural alternatives to Diamond jewels. Hopefully, if you are a fan of white Zircon rings and jewellery, you know very well that Zircon is the oldest known mineral to man and very real. Challengingly the gem has had a bit of a bumpy PR road because of the similarly named cubic zirconia, which is man-made. White Zircon rings are a perfect marriage with another fashion Spring/Summer 2019 trend, which is head to toe neutrals. Burberry, Max Mara, and other fashion houses are leading the high-end pack.  What better way to accent neutrals than white and clear gemstone jewellery set in white gold or yellow gold? Your rings worn stacked or individually would love the company of a pair of white Zircon stud earrings and maybe even a clear Zircon tennis bracelet stacked with a white Zircon link bracelet in white gold. Simply beautiful.  
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