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Zircon Jewellery

Zircon jewellery has an interesting story. The secret (to some in the general public) is that Zircon is the oldest known mineral group on earth and can be found pretty much everywhere. The twist is that gemstone-quality Zircon is known for incredible refraction, scintillation and dispersion (fire) that significantly rivals several big stars in the gemstone world! Out of the ordinary emerges the incredible! The gems in Zircon jewellery display an array of colours including champagne, yellow, honey, red, blue and white. So, if you are seeking gemstone jewellery with a serious BLING factor, take a look at the Rocks & Co. Zircon jewellery collection online. Zircon jewellery was trendy during the 1920's, with the discovery of heat treating natural brown Zircon, enabling the incredible blue Zircon to shine through. Fast forward to the present. Although the mineral is common and literally everywhere, gemstone-quality Zircon is rare and is being snapped up by jewellers, designers and collectors. After losing steam in the 1950's, Zircon jewellery and gems are having a resurgence, regaining popularity and increasing awareness amongst the general public. Zircon is absolutely not to be confused with lab grown ‘imitation diamond’, Cubic Zirconia. The name similarity, unfortunately, confused many, but Zircon is making a come-back, big time. As with many gems, some are heat-treated to bring out intense colours. This is an ancient process in gemstone history dating back thousands of years. It’s best to purchase your genuine Zircon jewellery from trusted jewellers like Rocks & Co, online. We have extensive gemstone knowledge and pride ourselves on the quality of production and the affordability of our pieces. What’s trending in 2019/2020? Well, if you have a flair for the dramatic, this is your time. Everything from puffy sleeves, intricate small-pleated dresses, skirts and blouses. Fancy flat shoes (thank goodness). Fancy designer rain gear. And fringe is everywhere, even on the new flat shoes! Blue, imperial or yellow Zircon dangle earrings with a fringed clutch. Now that is a look. Fringed jackets, pants and jewels are where it’s at. Tassel earrings and jangle bangles. Zircon jewellery works wonderfully with 2019/2020 trends. Paisley prints, multi-pattern separates and all of the fun of the season can be played up with fiery, yet delicate and colourful, Zircon jewellery. Pink, red, and green Zircon jewels are admired by collectors and can get up there in price. At Rocks & Co., our Zircon jewellery collections have a wonderful range of styles, gemstone class, colour and price. All of our Zircon jewel settings are created with genuine precious metals of silver and gold. Zircon rates 6 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means Zircon requires a bit of extra care and mindfulness.

Zircon Rings

At Rocks & Co., we take our Zircon rings seriously, as with all of our gemstone jewellery on offer. The quality is high and the price range varies greatly, so no matter the budget, adding a Zircon ring to one’s collection is possible. We have stack-able Zircon rings in multiple colours, gorgeous pink 10K Imperial Zircon Gold rings, white Zircon set in sterling, white gold or platinum, and more. Our Zircon rings include beauties from the Cavill collection and Molloy Gems collection. Simply search under Zircon to find your Zircon ring and more Zircon jewels. Zircon rings not only make fabulous and more affordable Diamond ring substitutes, but the gems stand on their own in the gemstone hierarchy. Zircon rings feature genuine jewels that are available in an array of colours, including champagne, white, red, pink, golden yellow, honey, brown and blue. Zircon is a brilliant, fiery, genuine gemstone that has been used in jewellery for centuries. The intense vibrancy and availability of the gemstone make it a perfect stone for many of today’s ring designs. Some Zircon rings are seen in the statement, cocktail, and new engagement ring styles of the moment, with table and Emerald cuts.

Zircon Necklaces

At Rocks & Co., you can check-in regularly to our online shop and TV auctions to find the latest additions of Zircon necklaces and Zircon jewels. Last check in revealed some real beauties, including 18K Red Zircon gold necklaces, Zircon silver necklaces, Orange Zircon silver necklaces (our gold-hued silver necklaces are gold plated sterling silver, a.k.a. Gold Vermeil). The design at Rocks & Co. ranges from the ornate to streamlined and simple. You are sure to find the Zircon necklace that fits your style and budget.

Blue Zircon

Currently Blue Zircon is the most popular colour of this fiery gem. Ratanakiri Zircon is an incredible blue Zircon from Cambodia that’s making jewel fans crazy. Do you want to make her or his heart jump? Gift a Blue Ratanakiri Zircon Ring from Rocks & Co.! Due in part to Zircon’s availability compared to other blue stones, it is possible to have larger gems, which is perfect for a table cut cocktail ring, the ring of the moment, trend-wise. Blue Zircon's colour has often been compared to blue Topaz. The blues. Ratanakiri Zircon can display intense colours from light sky blue to a deep, almost violet, blue. Zircon is an ancient mineral that naturally occurs translucent, yellow-golden, red, brown, blue and green.

Zircon in Gold

Zircon jewellery in gold? Oh, yes. At Rocks & Co. you can find some of the finest Zircon gold rings, Zircon gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other Zircon jewels around, set in yellow or white gold, platinum and silver.

White Zircon

At Rocks & Co., our white Zircon jewellery features precision cut gems from Ratanakiri, Cambodia that are white, clear and have amazing fire. Cambodian white Zircon jewellery at Rocks & Co. boasts gems that are pure white, meaning Diamond clear. White Zircon rings are classic, yet natural, alternatives to Diamond jewels. Hopefully, if you are a fan of white Zircon rings and jewellery, you know very well that Zircon is the oldest known mineral to man and very real. The gem has been misunderstood because of similarly named Cubic Zirconia, which is produced in a laboratory. White Zircon rings are a perfect marriage with another fashion 2019/2020 trend, which is head-to-toe neutrals. Think beige, cream, camel, browns, greys and black. What better way to accent neutrals than with white gemstone jewellery set in white or yellow or pink gold? Your rings worn stacked or individually would love the company of a pair of white Zircon stud earrings and maybe even a white Zircon gold tennis bracelet or necklace. Simply classic and forever beautiful.

Zircon prices

Zircon and most gemstones´ value are based on the four C´s: Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight. Zircon is known for its incredible fire, a refractive index higher than Ruby, Sapphire, Spinel and Tanzanite. Blue and Red Zircon can run from £62 per carat to approximately £103,3. At Rocks & Co. we have a great range of gemstone jewels with prices that match any pocketbook.
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