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Page 23 of 14" Produkte"


October's birthstone is Tourmaline. Lucky October babies! Green gemstones and Tourmaline, in particular, have been believed to bring luck, prosperity and protection in Ayurveda circles and other cultures as well. Given the power of belief and impact of colour on our psyches, this theory might be worth checking out. Meanwhile, you have given yourself a stunning green jewel. You will find a wide selection of beautiful jewellery set with Tourmaline in all colours and at the best prices at Rocks & Co., your online jewellery store. Tourmaline is a chameleon of gems due to the immense diversity of its colours and is often confused with other precious gems. You may have heard of the term 'Brazilian Emerald' for example. There are thirteen colourful varieties of Tourmaline, with different grades and value.  There are extremely rare samples of Tourmaline all the way through to very affordable pieces. It is said that Tourmaline was discovered in the 3rd Century BC. As with several others in the wonderful world of gemstones, Tourmaline has at times been confused with other precious stones, so it is difficult to pinpoint a precise date of discovery. We do know that women and men have enjoyed Tourmaline encrusted jewels for quite some time and the love is still going strong. There are many varieties of Tourmaline, Rocks & Co. is therefore able to offer an immense range of jewellery set with Tourmaline including:

Pink Cuprian Tourmaline

There are many ways to find yourself a pink Cuprian Tourmaline piece. The pendant filter, for example, is a great way to see a variety of wonderful pink Tourmaline jewels. Then go on over (via the filter for chains) and pick out a chain to go with your new favourite pendant. Will this be one of those pieces of a personal collection that you never seem to take off? I recently looked at a Tourmaline set charm bracelet I own and realised I have not removed it in quite a while. You never know what will become your favourite.

AAA Pink Tourmaline

This pink Tourmaline is named after the world-famous Morro Redondo Tourmaline deposit in the State of Minas Gerais, from which it is mined. The fuchsia coloured gem was only discovered in 1995 and is the only 100 per cent eye clean and inclusion free pink Tourmaline known in the gemstone world. So, for pink gem jewellery collectors and lovers, this is a dream stone come true. This fancy Tourmaline set in gold or silver designs makes a perfect jewel. High quality, rare, and quite valuable to collectors but so feminine and irresistible to us ordinary pink gemstone lovers as well. For example, a beautiful round cut pair of AAA Pink Tourmaline earrings set in 10K yellow gold, surrounded halo style with fourteen brilliant cut white Sapphires, are worth every pound. Fancy, but actually still very reasonable for the quality and head-turning beauty!

Fancy Tourmaline

Fancy simply refers to the high quality, colour, and rarity of a gem in the case of Tourmaline. In the case of Diamonds, it refers to the colour variations as opposed to traditional white Diamonds. In the Rocks & Co. jewel box you can find a Fancy white Tourmaline (Mozambique) ring set in pave with white Sapphire (Madagascar) support stones set in sterling. White hot and gorgeous.

Imperial Chrome

Wow! What an incredible green this gemstone produces. Natural and untreated, the colour is deep with well-structured crystallization. Fantastic for a green Tourmaline ring, necklace or bracelet. The colour of an Imperial Chrome gem set in a white gold looks almost supernatural, except it is completely natural! Another green Tourmaline known as Verdelite was used in ancient times in healing practices for the heart. Still, known in many cultures as the heart chakra, many wear green gemstone talisman, pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and other green Tourmaline jewellery to support and nourish a happy heart which is open to love! Hurrah for green gemstones and hurrah for love!

Pirineu Tourmaline

Very rare and sought after. This variety of the gem boasts array of greens, yellows and blues, similar to a peacock´s colours. Set in precious metals, it is a must have for collectors.

Santa Rosa Tourmaline

Santa Rosa is a rare, naturally beautiful gemstone, found in the Minas Gerais mine in Brazil. This beauty is often a stunning minty green. Bright and fresh when set in sterling or gold jewellery.

Watermelon Tourmaline

The name says it all. This is the rare variety of the gem that boasts multi colours in a rainbow fashion of pink to green, reminiscent of the colour of a slice of delicious watermelon. Combined with a white or yellow gold setting makes for a luscious jewel indeed.

A Promise from Rocks & Co.

We also deliver a certificate of authenticity with each of our pieces. Moreover, we offer a guarantee on all our products so that we can order without any risk! Our customer service will always be attentive to any need or advice.
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