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Topaz Rings

Topaz rings are a wonderful addition to your jewellery box. Whether you are shopping for a high-end piece or a more casual lower-priced ring, Rocks & Co. online shop and TV auctions are where you will find all of the variations in one place! The range of Topaz colours goes from yellow to brown, to red, to pink, to blue. Our Imperial rings set in sterling silver or gold are very popular amongst both our gentlemen and women gemstone ring shoppers because of the quality of the gems and craftsmanship in the design. Rocks Co.’s Katlang Imperial Topaz Silver ring, for example, features a delicately coloured gem that displays a very beautiful pale pink. Trend wise, pale blue, pink and yellow Topaz engagement rings are popping up on Pinterest boards all over the place. At Rocks & Co. Topaz rings are affordable and available in an array of hues gorgeously set in precious metals. Topaz rings range in value and price depending on the origin, colour and clarity of the gems. At Rocks & Co. our gemstone experts will guide you through our high-quality Topaz Rings via our online store and live TV auctions until you find the perfect fit!

White Topaz Rings

Say yes to the proposal and yes to a White Topaz ring. White Topaz rings are pretty and strong. Topaz has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, only 2 levels below the Diamond, which is the hardest substance on earth. So, Diamonds are forever, but Topaz will last a very, very long time! Which, as with a long-lasting relationship, is nothing to sneeze at! White Topaz rings feature beautiful, translucent gemstones which look stunning set in platinum, white gold or sterling silver. This gem can be almost as crystal clear as a Diamond. The popularity of white Topaz rings has made a steady rise, as people become more open to gems other than the big four most popular gems (Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald).

Topaz Diamond Rings

Sapphire and Topaz are often combined in a Diamond ring for variation, beauty and practicality.  Often Diamond rings are flanked with Topaz side stones or conversely, you can find an AAA Imperial Topaz ring that features small white Diamonds on both sides. A Topaz and Diamond ring can combine all white stones from both gem families or you can as well take advantage of the many colours both gems come in, with a multi-coloured Topaz and Diamonds ring design. Both the clear and the multi-coloured Topaz & Diamond rings are available at Rocks & Co., set only in precious metals of gold, platinum and sterling.

Topaz in Silver

Topaz jewels set in silver, sterling silver in particular, are quite stunning. The play of fire and light are reminiscent of higher-priced gems set in platinum or white gold. We’ve talked about the beauty of the white of platinum and sterling and its highlighting effect on blue Topaz, but there is a special light when you match white gems with precious white metals as well. A pricier version of this look would be White Sapphire and Platinum jewel. At Rocks & Co. you can fulfil your white gemstone/white metal desire within a wide price range including our affordable Topaz Silver rings.

Blue Topaz rings

Blue Topaz rings are some of the most talked about. The name kind of roles off the tongue and evokes images of mystery and romance novels. Natural Blue Topaz is extremely rare and very pricey. Most Topaz starts off clear; therefore, heat-treatment brings out the colour, especially the blues. Blue Topaz gems are now readily available and affordable. Check out the stunning blue Topaz rings in the Rocks & Co. store and in our TV auctions, and find yourself a blue Topaz ring of your own.  

Topaz birthstone

Topaz is the birthstone of those lucky enough to be born in the month of November. So, get yourself or your November born friend a beautiful Rocks & Co. yellow, blue, pink, brown or red Topaz jewel. Start in the Rocks & Co. pendant filter and see what you find. Pendants being the easiest jewel to gift someone! November birthday kids have a second birthday gem as well, which is Citrine. Some designers have worked with this combining both Topaz and Citrine into one jewel. It’s a gemstone party.

Imperial Topaz rings

AAA Imperial Topaz rings are so stunning, featuring the highest quality Topaz available. The fire of these stones helps make the plethoric beauties extremely rare and collectable. If your betrothed is unique, unforgettable and beloved, why not go outside of the box with your ring choice. At Rocks & Co. it is easy to find a stunning Imperial Topaz ring to suit your needs and desires.

Topaz Jewellery

Colour, colour, colour. That’s what Topaz jewellery is all about. Red seems to be one of the favourite colours of this many-coloured gemRed, as well as other colours from yellow to sherry to pink Topaz, are included in the exclusive AAA Imperial Topaz club. It is rare, sought after and beloved and highly prized. It also represents the less-than-one percent of gemstone grade material available. So, if you get your hands on a ring, necklace or bracelet which includes Imperial Topaz, don’t let it go! Pleochroic is key in the value of Imperial Topaz jewellery. Pleochroic- whose meaning and root goes back to the ancient Greeks - is the multi-coloured appearance of a gemstone’s crystal structure in some minerals giving off a different colour depending on the view. So a yellow or orange bodied gem which has a red pleochroic colour appearing at the tips of the gems are the Imperial ones. Pink Topaz jewels are gorgeous and affordable. At Rocks & Co. we showcase this delicate and feminine stone using white gold, yellow gold and sterling silver. The designs range from ornamental to sleek and simple. And yes, men can also wear pink Topaz jewellery! It takes a real man to wear pink (David Beckham?) and pink makes everyone look good. It’s like a happiness filter. When a Topaz has been ‘fashioned’ (faceted or cut for jewellery mounting) and a combined appearance of two crystal colours are revealed, it is called a bi-colour Topaz jewel. So, what's the deal with bi-colour and pleochroic anyway? Phleochloric appears to have reddish colouring on the ends of a yellow or orange Topaz. Bi-colour seems to be based on two different crystal colours, but can visually look like many more than the two base colours. Whether one colour or multi-coloured, Topaz jewels rock at Rocks & Co.  
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