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  1. Antiker Fancy-Schliff 2
  2. Antiker Kissen-Brillantschliff 4
  3. Antique Brilliant Cut 6
  4. Antique Buff Top Cut 8
  5. Antique Cabochon 91
  6. Antique Checkerboard Cut 28
  7. Antique Cushion Brilliant Cut 8
  8. Antique Cushion Cabochon 143
  9. Antique Cushion Checkerboard Cut 31
  10. Antique Cushion Concave Cut 6
  11. Antique Cushion Cut 258
  12. Antique Cushion Fancy Cut 1
  13. Antique Cushion Precision Cut 3
  14. Antique Cut 204
  15. Baguette Cut 114
  16. Baguette-Cabochon 93
  17. Baguette-Schachbrettschliff 2
  18. Brilliant Cut 1000
  19. Carré Cabochon 37
  20. Carré Cut 194
  21. Checkerboard Cut 2
  22. Concave Oval Cut 32
  23. Concave Trilliant Cut 13
  24. Cushion Cut 7
  25. Cylindrical grinding 4
  26. Different Cuts 114
  27. Drop-Shaped Brilliant Cut 9
  28. Embossing 3
  29. Fancy Cabochon 64
  30. Fancy Cut 866
  31. Fancy Marquise Cut 2
  32. Fancy Oval Cut 6
  33. Fancy Rose Cut 1
  34. Fancy Trilliant Cabochon 1
  35. Fancy Trillion Cut 3
  36. Heart Cut 35
  37. Heart Shape Cabochon 17
  38. Hexagonal Flower Cut 5
  39. Hexagonal Star Cut 1
  40. Marquise Cabochon 89
  41. Marquise Cut 389
  42. Nova Cut 39
  43. Octagon - radiant cut 16
  44. Octagon Cabochon 6
  45. Octagon Cut 350
  46. Octagon Fancy Cut 5
  47. Oktagon Brillantschliff 1
  48. Oval Barion Cut 2
  49. Oval Brilliant Cut 5
  50. Oval Briolette Cut 3
  51. Oval Buff Top Cut 10
  52. Oval Cabochon 1263
  53. Oval Checkerboard Cut 25
  54. Oval Cut 3101
  55. Oval Millenium 34
  56. Oval Precision Cut 8
  57. Oval Radian Cut 4
  58. Oval Rose Cut 31
  59. Pear Cabochon Cut 334
  60. Pear Cut 1154
  61. Pear Shape Precision Cut 4
  62. Pear Shaped Checkerboard Cut 2
  63. Pear Shaped Concave Cut 3
  64. Pear Shaped Rose Cut 10
  65. Princess Cut 114
  66. Quadratischer Schachbrettschliff 1
  67. Rounch Checkerboard Cut 21
  68. Round Briolette Cut 1
  69. Round Buff-top Cut 7
  70. Round Cabochon Cut 798
  71. Round Concave Cut 4
  72. Round Cut 4322
  73. Round Fancy Cut 13
  74. Round Pentagon Cut 4
  75. Round Precision Cut 6
  76. Round Rose Cut 38
  77. Round Star Cut 1
  78. Royal Brilliant Cut 16
  79. Square Brilliant Cut 1
  80. Square Buff-top Cut 3
  81. Square Fancy Cut 3
  82. Trilliant Brilliant Cut 3
  83. Trilliant Cabochon 113
  84. Trilliant Cut 366
  85. Tropfenförmiger Fancy-Schliff 3
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Back Setting
  1. Back Setting 3
  2. Beam mount 1
  3. Bezel Setting 2609
  4. Bezel/Pavé 9
  5. Bezel/Prong 17
  6. Bezel/V-Prong 3
  7. Channel Setting 399
  8. Channel/Prong 13
  9. Eingerieben 40
  10. glued 16
  11. Glued Bezel 775
  12. Half Bezel 2
  13. Inlay 74
  14. Pavé 947
  15. Pavé-/Flush 1
  16. Pin 1
  17. Pin/Channel 8
  18. Pin/Channel 5
  19. Pin/Pavé 4
  20. Pin/Prong 115
  21. Post 213
  22. Prong 9156
  23. String 1
  24. Threaded 271
  25. V-Prong 121
  26. V-Prong/Channel 1
  27. V-Prong/Prong 83
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Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery seems to be everywhere right now, on the runways and off. From designer silver chain necklaces to silver gemstone cocktail rings to silver alphabet pendants inspired by style icon Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, silver jewel popularity isn't going anywhere any time soon. Silver jewellery is durable, sophisticated, beautiful, precious and accessible. Silver jewellery can be confidently worn as accessories in our daily lives, as well as for special occasions and events. Sterling Silver 925 is a very valuable white precious metal but is relatively affordable compared to gold and platinum. The material is fit for all types of jewellery from contemporary to avant-garde to classically designed fine jewellery. Designers and brands have been using this popular metal for quite some time. Sterling silver jewellery is so rich looking that it can stand on its own in necklace, bracelet, ring and earring designs. Sterling silver jewellery is often designed with gemstones, utilising faceted and cabochon cuts as well. One of the wonderful things about silver jewellery is not just how it looks, but how it feels! The positively charged ions in silver deflect radiation, improving blood circulation, body temperature and mood. Studies show silver can speed the healing of wounds and protect the body from free radicals. One study showed the wearing of silver rings relieves arthritis. It is not our imagination when it literally 'feels good' to wear silver or gold. Both have healing and protective properties that have been proven by science. Since health, beauty, fashion and fairness have been linked together more and more lately, this might be a nice little bit of information about this very collectible jewellery. The beauty of sterling silver jewellery is undeniable especially if you have a well-crafted design with high quality metal that is nickel free. At Rocks & Co., we create and carry jewellery made of nickel free precious metals exclusively. The combination of silver settings with gemstones can be a wonderful play of hue, colour, and light. Sterling silver jewellery featuring Moonstone, Opal, Hessonite or any iridescent gem absolutely sparkles! All classes of gemstones are fitting for silver jewellery, from gorgeous Native American Turquoise jewels to bespoke Diamond jewels to intense Black gemstone jewels like Spinel, to various coloured Pearl jewels, and so on. As many are aware, sterling silver jewels are not always a white metal jewellery. Becoming more and more popular are pink and yellow gold-plated sterling silver jewels. For example, a fair amount of our silver jewellery at Rocks & Co. is coated with 14-carat gold vermeil, giving it a beautiful yellow gold-tone. Silver is gaining in value very quickly on the investments market, a fun fact when many are looking to invest in precious metals. So, if you are planning on dabbling in precious metal coin investments, silver is definitely not a bad choice. You can always buy a silver jewel online at Rocks & Co. and invest in your own self-adornment.

Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling silver rings are the most popular for men’s rings. The precious white metal rings are gaining in popularity with gents who are gaining more and more confidence in wearing a sensible number of accessories that are classy yet stylish. The more affordable of the white precious metals makes sterling silver rings popular with women as well. Sterling is the perfect setting for an oversized cocktail ring that doesn’t necessarily break the bank. At Rocks & Co. we have a wide range of sterling silver men and women’s rings that are perfect for every budget and taste.

Silver Necklace

A silver necklace or silver chain is a wonderful gift for a man or a woman and are enjoyed by both sexes. Despite the runway trends of ultra-huge metal chains, classic chains will never go out of style. A simple silver necklace can be quite delicate and beautiful. Some of the link chain types in our store include the anchor chain, the simple and sleek round link chains, the delicate flat link chain, and the Cuban, aka curb, link chain (preferred by men).

Silver Necklaces for Women

As, with classic gold necklaces, delicate silver necklaces for women are a favourite accessory. A delicate silver chain featuring a beautiful gemstone pendant is a wonderful gift for that special woman in your life, even if that special woman is yourself. Silver necklaces for women are accessories of self-expression and adornment, often holding sentimental value, which can be worn daily with either casual dressier outfits.

Silver Chain Necklace

A Silver chain necklace can feel so good that you may never want to take it off. In fact, you can wear them all the time, but you might want to polish them up a bit every so often. Sterling silver chain necklaces should not be irritating to the skin unless they have nickel in the mix. If you have metal allergies, always check with your jeweller that no nickel is used in their silver jewels, as with Rocks & Co.

Silver Bangles

Silver bangles are usually created as smooth perfect spheres or asymmetrical shapes or even geometric shapes in an inanimate form. Round silver bangles are worn stacked in a group allowing a happy clinking sound when they meet. A delicate offshoot of this design would be the engraved silver and gold bangles with intricate floral and ornate designs. A silver cuff is also considered a ‘bangle’.

Silver Opal Rings

Take a look at our silver Opal rings to get an idea of the happiness the two natural beauties create when combined. As we've stated earlier, iridescent gems work wonderfully with the white metal of sterling silver. At Rocks & Co. we have over 1500 various silver Opal rings to choose from. Some of the gemstone beauties in our Opal silver rings include incredibly priced AAA Welo Opal.

Sterling Silver Jewellery AW 2019 trends UK:

  • Sterling hoop earrings designs continue to go in interesting directions, including gold-plated sterling aka vermeil.
  • The stacking and layering of rings, chokers, and long chains with pendants, the trend is happening in a gentler way in the UK than the rest of the world, but it is still happening.
  • Megan Markel wearing "A" pendant for her son Archie at Wimbledon caused a jump in sales of sterling personalized alphabet jewellery.
  • Sterling silver with colourful gemstones.
  • Sterling silver Pearl jewels from brooches to head pieces to exotic earrings.
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