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Ruby Rings

Who wants a Ruby ring? I do! In fact, I will take three! The 'blood red' Corundum has been a favourite for quite some time and has been affiliated with American royals (AKA Hollywood divas) as well as international royals. When you look at one of our Cambodian Sunset Ruby Rings, set in sterling silver with white Sapphire secondary stones, you are looking at a very reasonably priced treasure. The beauty of the fiery red is stunningly framed by the cool white of the sterling and the white Sapphires.  Ruby rings and jewels are perfect on any skin tone from dark to light. Our exquisitely hued Malawi Ruby Rings, are as well sold at a very fair price, making our Ruby Rings amazingly accessible.

Ruby Jewellery

Depending on the quality, clarity, origin, etc., of the stone, Ruby can be one of the most rare and expensive gems per carat in the gemstone world! Throughout history there has been more than a little controversy between gemstone dealers over the difference between pink corundum, which is mostly considered pink Sapphire, and red corundum, which is mostly considered Ruby. Some gem dealers consider all shades of pink to red to be Rubies while others hold steadfast to all pinks being exclusively Sapphires. It depends on the country and culture in some cases. The good news is no matter the name or category, all pink and red corundum are absolutely beautiful. To accommodate the crystal structure of the stone most Rubies are cut in an oval or brilliant cut. All Rubies have some inclusions to varying degrees. Too many lower the value, but needle inclusions can improve the colour and are the magic makers, producing the aster-ism of Star Rubies.

Ruby & Diamond Rings

Ruby and Diamond rings are a classic combination of warm reds and cool whites. The look can be achieved by stacking a Diamond ring with a Ruby ring. Another popular option is the combination of Rubies and Diamonds in one ring, according to taste and budget. This look can be mirrored with your gemstone jewels like pendants as well. A Ruby pendant with white diamonds as secondary stones really pops and goes wonderfully with the ring combination, telling a Ruby and Diamond story.

Ruby Necklace

Ruby red is a passionate colour and, when set in a necklace, is one of the ultimate accessories for many. A glamour jewel which can be worn for special occasions or if you want to glam up a day look. Colour is the most powerful factor that determines the value of a Ruby. Our Tanzanian Ruby jewels are blessed with wonderfully hued gems. Make sure when searching for your favourite gemstone necklace at Rocks&Co, to search under the Ruby pendant category as well. We occasionally receive some single pieces from our sister stores and you might just find the treasure you are looking for!

Ruby Earrings

Ruby earrings are a wonderful way to bring glamour and passion to your 2019 look and these lux accessories can even be worn on a daily basis, bringing some serious sparkle to your daily routine. Although Ruby earrings utilise some of the rarest most expensive gems in the gem world, you can crossover to day-wear and give it serious pop. Whether it´s Ruby stud earrings, Ruby dangle earrings, or this season's piping hot hoop earrings, having a pair of the red gemstone earrings is kind of like having a Ruby slipper secret weapon in your jewellery box.

Ruby in Gold

Rubies are a member of the 'big four' most popular gemstones in the world, which include Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald. These red gems are wonderful set in Sterling, but the investment value and lux factor increases dramatically when set in gold. Rubies and gold are a classic match and sound investment for your collection. What a luxurious and gorgeous combination. At Rocks&Co., we have a vast array of jewels with prices to suit anyone´s budget. Ruby in white gold is stunning because of the colour play between the warmth of the Ruby and coolness of the white gold. The warm on warm colour play of Ruby with yellow and pink gold is beguiling to many as well, with pink gold currently having its day in the sun of trending.

Ruby Pendant

Love, passion, and life are said to be what the Ruby represents and evokes, so a Ruby pendant could be seen as a love talisman as well as a fashion accessory. After finding your perfect gemstone pendant at Rocks&Co., go on over and pick out a sterling silver chain or gold chain to hang it from. If you wish to mix it up you can create a charm necklace with several Rocks&Co. pendants cuddled together on one chain, switching out as the mood suits. A white Diamond & Ruby pendant combo is very popular and easy to wear.
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