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Quartz Rings

Why not add a yellow Quartz ring, also known as Citrine, a Star Rose Quartz ring or maybe even a dark smouldering Smoky Quartz ring to your gemstone jewellery collection? If you are being trendy, you would have all three and then some to wear on one hand at the same time, giving off that festival rock star feeling. Pink Quartz rings are super hot right now too. For example, a Star Rose Quartz ring set in yellow gold is quite magical for many occasions. Star Quartz exhibits the optical phenomenon called aster-ism, a star-like surface pattern that appears on a gemstone when light encounters parallel fibrous, or needle-like, inclusions within its crystal structure. Amethyst is in the Quartz family as well. Although Rubies are Corundum and not Quartz, there is a multi-coloured type of Quartz called 'Ruby Quartz', named after its Ruby-red flecks. Silicon dioxide is the chemical composition of the mineral known as Quartz, and it is literally everywhere on the planet. However, gemstone-quality Quartz is rare. Quartz starts off clear until trace elements of metals come into the mix, like iron, causing pink, purple and yellow hued Quartz. At Rocks & Co. we have a wide and wonderful range of Quartz Rings and Quartz jewellery for you to explore.  Quartz rings are easily part of the statement jewellery trend because it is not out of reach to find large stones that are beautiful and affordable. Stack an Amethyst, Citrine, and Rose Quartz set of rings on your finger or string them on your favourite precious metal chain for a charming charm necklace look. Quartz rings can feature faceted and polished translucent gems as well as earthy opaque versions of the stones cut in Cabochon and cameo forms. At Rocks & Co. all of our Quartz rings are set in precious metal settings of sterling or gold. Our precious metal settings are guaranteed to always be nickel free. It's so interesting to read how Quartz rings and jewellery are all the rage right now when the same was true over 7000 years ago. I guess it proves that the classics are always in, waiting for the new generation of pink and coloured stones lovers to come along and claim them.


Quartz jewellery

Oh, the colours and the history of these jewels! Quartz Jewellery has been worn and coveted since 7000 BC. It's often hard to wrap one's head around the fact that these gems are really that ancient, outliving us adoring humans by a long shot. That is one very long lasting 'trend'! Rose Quartz has always been a favourite, but there are many other colours and varieties. The Egyptians used Quartz and Quartz jewellery as an anti-ageing talisman.

Smoky Quartz rings

Smoky and mysterious - your new Smoky Quartz ring. Our Smoky Quartz rings feature well-curated gems from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The transparency of the gem ranges from almost completely transparent, with just a hint of colour, to dark and opaque! The combo of the light to dark grey hues with yellow gold is quite alluring.

Rose Quartz Bracelet

At Rocks & Co. it is quite easy to pair your Rose Quartz necklace and Rose Quartz ring with a complementary Rose Quartz bracelet! Then you will definitely be in the pink. Don't be too afraid to mix metals and gem types. It's thankfully becoming less and less about everything matching in accessories or clothing.

Rose Quartz Rings

Some of the most sought after Quartz rings are the pale pink Rose Quartz jewels. Set in yellow or white gold as well as sterling, the rings are lovely. At Rocks & Co. we have a sweet range of designs that showcase our well-selected gemstones. Both women and men enjoy these happy coloured beauties. 

Rose Quartz Necklace

If you pick one of our Rose Quartz pendants or chain linked necklaces you will certainly be sitting  pretty in a Rose Quartz necklace. There is a reason little girls love fairies and pink. The colour lifts the mood and almost everyone looks good wearing or surrounded by the hue. According to the ancient Egyptians, Quartz helps slow the ageing process. This legend proves that Quartz is one of the oldest and most accessible gems, coveted and endowed with great value. The pale pink colour of Rose Quartz is like a beauty light, which is why Rose Quartz earrings, Rose Quartz bracelets and Rose Quartz jewellery, in general, are so popular. They are beauties that give you a glow!

Rose Quartz Earrings

Pink teardrop cut Rose Quartz earrings are such an elegant, pretty-in-pink accessory.  Pretty in Rose Quartz earrings. Back to the mix and match theory mentioned above. A pair of pink Rose Quartz earrings would be stunning with a black or dark grey gem necklace and bracelet. The common thread here could actually be the precious metal setting. All set in yellow or white gold, for example.
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