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Natural Opal Jewellery Online at Rocks & Co.

Opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica, is the national gemstone of Australia, and is the birthstone of those born in October. Opal is as well one of the most beautiful and mysterious gems in the mineral world because of its outrageous psychedelic-like colours when the precious form of the gems have a colour play. Opal Jewellery is legendary as jewels with a magical aura. Writers compared the stones to some of the amazing wonders of our world, including the galaxy and volcanoes, because of the incredible colour play the gems can possess. The ancient Romans believed the gem symbolized love and hope, giving it the name Opalus, a name that means precious stone. The Bedouins believed the stones fell from the sky via lightning strikes. Yes, it is true ladies and gents, here we have some of the most beautiful authentic Opal jewellery in the world and it is available online at Rocks & Co. Our selection of Opal jewellery includes incredible Opal variations from all around the world, including our Mexican Salamanca Fire Opal which ranges from yellow through orange to red - noted for their shimmering brilliant fire. These gems are on the translucent end of the Opal family. Fire Opal sits beautifully in yellow gold or even white gold and sterling jewellery designs and is currently one of the most popular varieties of the mineral. 2019 jewellery trends, according to some fashion magazines rather than bloggers or influencers, include multiple ear piercings. Safety first with this one. Always make sure to get your ears pierced by a hygienic piercing professional! Diamonds are not the only players in the multiple earring trend. Opal has been long time player in fashion and many of our Opals sit gorgeously in: huggie hoops, statement earrings, single and multi-stone studs and drop earrings. Another fashion trend is layering of chains and necklaces and bracelets. Opal jewellery, especially signature Opal rings and Opal necklaces with multi-coloured stones, all play wonderfully in the colourful, happy, layered Spring/Summer trends.

Where do the gems in our Opal Jewellery come from?

Many of our Opal jewels are created using genuine Indonesian Kalimaya Opal, which has a colour range of yellow to orange and can be opaque to translucent with colour play. This sunny stone looks amazing set in our ornate and our contemporary designs. Rocks & Co. also use the stunning Brazilian Paraiba Opal, Mexican Fire Opal, and Queretaro Cherry Fire Opal - which, by the way, when set gorgeously in yellow gold and accompanied by small white sapphires ups the richness of this look - in its collections. Also in our collections are the jewels set with black with yellow spotted Leopard Opals, usually cut in a Cabachon and set in a white gold or sterling design. Like all of our amazingly-priced jewellery at Rocks & Co., our Opal jewellery range from ornate vintage-inspired designs to contemporary and streamlined looks.

Opal Rings

Opal rings are amazing whether you are lucky enough to have a large stone or a cluster of smaller stones in a amorphous or traditional setting. All the colours of the rainbow are said to be held in an Opal and each one is unique. Set in yellow or white gold, these rings have something special that runs deep. Some are even being used as engagement rings. A colourful, artful alternate to the traditional Diamond.    

White Opal jewellery

White Opal jewellery is often highly-sought after because of its combination of opalescent moonglow white and translucent white. The classic shimmer of the mineral combined with yellow or white gold makes for a very lovely pairing. Take a white Opal bracelet set with cabochon cut gems in a link chain of gold. Lovely with all of the colours of the Spring and summer clothing collections and trends.

Black Opal

Black Opal and the jewels they grace are the most sought after of the huge Opal family. This is because the base colour of black, the backdrop so to speak, provides such an amazing canvas for the rainbow of shimmering colours, like red, yellow and orange. A large black Opal set in a yellow gold pendant design is the perfect birthday gift for your October-born bestie. Folklore says that this is very good luck for October babies. Several tales of good and woe have followed the particular gem throughout time, giving the gem a bit of celebrity and infamy.

Opal Earrings

At Rocks & Co.,Opal earrings favourites have run the gamut from classic Opal stud earrings (sometimes surrounded with tiny secondary stones), to several teared Opal drop earrings, to trendy hoop earrings.

Star Opal Jewellery

At Rocks & Co. our Star Opal jewellery features gorgeous bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, and more set with Cabochon cut gems. Star Opals are known for having  'colour play' and sometimes display asterism. A six-star asterism in an Opal is very rare indeed and thus, quite valuable.
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