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  1. Antiker Fancy-Schliff 2
  2. Antiker Kissen-Brillantschliff 5
  3. Antique Brilliant Cut 2
  4. Antique Briolette Cut 2
  5. Antique Buff Top Cut 2
  6. Antique Cabochon 46
  7. Antique Checkerboard Cut 10
  8. Antique Cushion Brilliant Cut 5
  9. Antique Cushion Cabochon 48
  10. Antique Cushion Checkerboard Cut 13
  11. Antique Cushion Concave Cut 4
  12. Antique Cushion Cut 258
  13. Antique Cushion Fancy Cut 4
  14. Antique Cushion Precision Cut 3
  15. Antique Cut 180
  16. Baguette Brilliant Cut 1
  17. Baguette Cut 118
  18. Baguette-Cabochon 23
  19. Baguette-Schachbrettschliff 1
  20. Brilliant Cut 623
  21. Carré Cabochon 11
  22. Carré Cut 108
  23. Concave Octagon Cut 2
  24. Concave Oval Cut 31
  25. Concave Trilliant Cut 8
  26. Cushion Cut 5
  27. Different Cuts 77
  28. Drop-Shaped Brilliant Cut 1
  29. Emerald Cut 20
  30. Emerald Cut 6
  31. Fancy Briolette Cut 2
  32. Fancy Cabochon 14
  33. Fancy Cut 90
  34. Fancy Marquise Cut 2
  35. Fancy Oval Cut 4
  36. Fancy Trilliant Cabochon 1
  37. Fancy Trillion Cut 3
  38. Heart Cut 4
  39. Heart Shape Briolette Cut 1
  40. Heart Shape Cabochon 4
  41. Hexagonal Flower Cut 4
  42. Hexagonal Star Cut 2
  43. Marquise Cabochon 42
  44. Marquise Cut 285
  45. Nova Cut 46
  46. Octagon Asscher cut 9
  47. Octagon Cabochon 5
  48. Octagon Checkerboard Cut 1
  49. Octagon Cut 349
  50. Octagon Fancy Cut 9
  51. Octagon radiant cut 16
  52. Oktagon Brillantschliff 6
  53. Oval 1
  54. Oval Brilliant Cut 3
  55. Oval Briolette Cut 2
  56. Oval Buff Top Cut 1
  57. Oval Cabochon 629
  58. Oval Checkerboard Cut 22
  59. Oval Cut 2668
  60. Oval Millenium 18
  61. Oval Precision Cut 3
  62. Oval Radian Cut 3
  63. Oval Rose Cut 6
  64. Oval TorusRing 3
  65. Pear Cabochon Cut 111
  66. Pear Cut 941
  67. Pear Shaped Checkerboard Cut 3
  68. Pear Shaped Concave Cut 1
  69. Pear Shaped Rose Cut 4
  70. Portuguese Pear Cut 2
  71. Princess Cut 77
  72. Quadratischer Schachbrettschliff 2
  73. QuasarCut 3
  74. Rounch Checkerboard Cut 17
  75. Round Buff-top Cut 1
  76. Round Cabochon Cut 310
  77. Round Concave Cut 17
  78. Round Cut 2785
  79. Round Fancy Cut 7
  80. Round Pentagon Cut 2
  81. Round Precision Cut 3
  82. Round Rose Cut 25
  83. Round Star Cut 2
  84. Round TorusRing 6
  85. Royal Brilliant Cut 16
  86. Square Brilliant Cut 1
  87. Square Fancy Cut 4
  88. Trilliant Brilliant Cut 4
  89. Trilliant Cabochon 30
  90. Trilliant Checkerboard Cut 1
  91. Trilliant Cut 197
  92. Tropfenförmiger Fancy-Schliff 3
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Back Setting
  1. Back Setting 18
  2. Beam mount 6
  3. Bezel Setting 1777
  4. Bezel/Pavé 2
  5. Bezel/Prong 11
  6. Channel Setting 230
  7. Channel/Prong 2
  8. Eingerieben 15
  9. Glued Bezel 307
  10. Half Bezel 2
  11. Inlay 30
  12. Krappen-/Pavéfassung 1
  13. Krappen-/Zargenfassung 1
  14. Pavé 424
  15. Pin/Channel 8
  16. Pin/Channel 3
  17. Pin/Pavé 2
  18. Pin/Prong 66
  19. Post 126
  20. Prong 7167
  21. Prong/Channel 1
  22. V-Prong 96
  23. V-Prong/Prong 55
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Ladies rings online

Ladies Rings are wonderful things, especially when designed using natural gemstones. These natural beauties are rare, valuable and just feel great to wear. Emeralds and Rubies are divine, and Diamonds are a girl's best friend but some of us modern ladies have fallen in love with the likes of Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz, Sapphire, Morganite, Moonstone, and the wonderful lesser-knowns, like Tanzanite. Each gemstone has a mineralogical story to tell. We set these wonders in our gorgeous Silver and Gold ring settings, which is a match made in heaven and all are available online!

Affordable Engagement Rings

Ladies rings should be as amazing as the ladies who wear them. And there are so many reasons and ways to wear these delicious ornaments. There are of course the traditional rings, most notably the engagement and Wedding ring. The engagement ring has a big responsibility! To represent love, commitment, a spiritual bonding, and well, the promise of marriage! You better put a Moonstone or Morganite ring on it! The rules of and for weddings and engagements are changing and so are the rings that go along with them. Fortunately for us prices are changing as well.

Ladies Rings and Gemstones

Engagement rings are traditionally thought of as being made exclusively with a larger Diamond, the royals’ affection for Blue Sapphire, Padparadscha Sapphire, Emeralds and Rubies, notwithstanding. In truth the Diamond engagement ring "tradition" is actually rooted in a simple marketing campaign that was launched by DeBeers in the 1930s. In reality, the sky is the limit when choosing gemstone engagement rings and styles. The only rule is that they are beautiful and special in some way. Engagement rings have played a powerful role in our collective psyche. Those blessed with deep pockets and status can enjoy a pricier jewel. Others need to keep it beautiful but simple.

ladies ring with paraiba tourmaline

Who hasn't seen some romantic comedy with the poor hero hurriedly creating a ring out of a straw or piece of string, or some other poverty inspired creation? In this classic storyline, the impromptu ring was still loved because of the sheer brave act of being a fool for love! But in the happy ending, the hero finds the means to bring his or her ladylove a REAL gemstone ring. Gemstones and romance go hand in hand. They always have and they always will.

Affordable Ladies Rings

Rocks and Co. provide that dream for those of us with more modest pockets. With our natural genuine gemstones and stunningly created settings, a girl can feel like a fairy princess without putting her partner in the poor-house. We pride ourselves on affordable ladies rings in all categories.

For the love of ladies Rings

Some gals are happy to be single or not formally bound. Others simply like to give and receive a ring as a token of friendship. Others like to collect rings like Imelda Marcos collected shoes! The common thread is enjoying the glorious celebration of their life and beauty through ornament! Which brings us to special occasion and everyday rings. These wearables are so much more valued when created with precious metals and gemstones like Aquamarine, Turquoise, Citrine, Opals; Sphene and so much more. Girlz are buying their own bling and loving it!

Ladies Statement rings

These baubles are and have been the fashion armor of likes of Marilyn Monroe, Lena Horne, and Hedy Lamar to our modern goddesses Beyoncé; Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rita Ora and Rhianna. These eye-catching rings usually feature creative combinations of stones, with natural gems including Apatite, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Opal, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Zircon and many more, combined with precious metals of sterling silver or gold created in a fun and artful style.

ladies ring with diamonds

Ladies Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings date back to the 1920s prohibition era and the emancipated flappers participated in the underground speakeasies sporting the bling. It is also said some self-made old Hollywood female icons wore this style of rings as status symbols and celebration of their power. Power ladies and their favorite designers have long been an important relationship. But this is the era where we all not only want to coo over the fabulous treasures-we want them too! And can have them.

Ladies rings-Affordable glamour

Creativity is the new black and style is the one way that everyone can be creative. No matter what walk of life, you can make a fashion statement by being creative. Rocks & Co. make it affordable to have a Black Pearl ring for the day and a Tanzanite cocktail ring for the office party or art opening.

Ladies Ring Sizes

Rocks & Co. features rings in sizes H through Z. In some cases, our customers jump over to the men's store for larger sizes and are quite happy indeed. This helps the ladies out who might want to try the thumb ring trend out for example.

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