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Gold Rings

Ancient Romans of higher standing would wear a four or five bling gold rings, on one hand at a time, to display their wealth, luck, and power. Gemstones were originally added to rings because of the various powers the gems were believed to hold, in addition to their beauty. This is just a taste of the very long legacy of the crafting of gold rings, which has propelled the jewels into some of our present-day’s most desirable accessories. What is your favourite gold ring setting? Do you prefer a simple gold band or a filigree band? Do you just adore gold rings set with gemstones? What is your favourite gold hue: yellow gold, white gold or pink gold? Do you prefer a high shine or a matte finish?

Gold Rings for Women

The Rocks & Co. online store is the place where a woman can easily a find a gold statement ring or gold cocktail ring. Gold rings for men and gold rings for women run the gambit in terms of style, cost, and value and are the most chosen as wedding bands for both sexes. The quality of design of gold rings for women can be just as important as the carat amount. At Rocks & Co. we take all of our jewels to a higher level, yet keeping affordability in mind. Everyone needs a special something every so often, no matter what their budget is. At Rocks & Co. gold rings can be a simple gold band of 18k, 14k, 10k, or 9k gold, depending on the occasion and your wallet. Take a look at our gold rings set with Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires and other natural gemstones. Just filter ‘ladies gold rings’ and find out what is on offer at Rocks & Co. Is your desire a yellow gold ring with a Diamond solitaire? Do you prefer a setting with three gemstones of varying colours and varieties set in an ornate filigree band perhaps? Or maybe your gold ring dream is a group of gems set in a gold floral design?

Wedding Rings

Are we really all still romantics? Yes! No matter how the world turns people are still believers of romance, family bonds and love! Slipping that beautiful jewel onto the finger of 'the one' and planning a future together is still a thing. Wedding bands are usually the simpler of the wedding and engagement ring duo. Although wedding rings are usually a simple gold band, a very popular design is the stunning eternity ring design. This can easily be worn comfortably together with a more ornate engagement ring.

Gold Diamond Rings

Yellow gold Diamond rings make a gorgeous combination of warm gold with the cool white brilliance of the Diamond in one jewel. The classic yellow gold plus white gem combo is glamorous and strong. There are many variations on the gold Diamond rings theme! For example, Fancy Diamonds rings in gold. The glorious and various colours that have been making a splash for some time now include canary yellow, blue, green and pink. Another option to consider in gold Diamond jewels is the gold alloy options. Maybe you prefer a white gold pink Diamond ring! Again, it is good to find your preferred gold hue and then decide on the Diamond colour. One gorgeous trending cocktail ring option, would be a yellow or white gold dome-shaped ring with assorted smaller Diamonds in a pave setting.  

Eternity Rings

An eternity ring creates the symbol of lasting relationships via design. The simple straight forward design, which is often used for wedding bands and anniversary bands, has gemstones evenly set completely around the circumference of the ring. White stones like Diamonds and Sapphires are often used for wedding bands in this design of a never-ending circle of jewels to represent undying love and devotion. Multiple meanings of the eternity symbol include romantic love, as well as  spiritual and universal connection.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .

Engagement Rings

For millions of romantics, a gold band with a Diamond solitaire in a prong setting is the classic engagement ring. This was branded by jewellers like DeBeers and fashion icons since the fifties when it was imprinted into our culture. The ‘ring finger’ placement goes back to the ancient Egyptians, who believed this finger was connected by a vein called 'vena amoris' which leads directly to the heart. Although the Diamond solitaire has been known as the classic standard engagement ring, many ‘It-girls’ have changed the tide. Vintage and contemporary alternates to the engagement ring settings, as well as new ‘unconventional’ gemstones, are becoming the new norm. Some alternate engagement rings ideas have included jewels with black Opal, pink Sapphires and other colourful gemstone delights! This trend is opening the field of possibility to choose gorgeous gemstone engagement rings of our liking!  

White Gold Rings

Both fair skin and hair tones and darker skin and hair tones are all a great match with white gold rings and jewels. The bottom line is that it is smart to find your preferred gold hue before investing in jewels. Depending on your sensitivity to nickel, it is important to find out the right alloy mix for your white gold ring. 18 Karat white gold is 75% pure gold and 25% palladium, or 75% pure gold plus 25% nickel, copper and zinc. At Rocks & Co., we stay away from nickel alloy altogether, so filter white gold rings with confidence and find the right gold ring for you!

Yellow Gold Rings

Fair skin tones and darker skin tones all look beautiful with yellow gold as well. Possibly one of the reasons yellow gold rings are some of the most popular of the gold ring options. Yellow gold is a mixture of pure gold and other alloys like zinc and copper that give the gold a yellow hue. Gold is more of a reddish yellow in its natural state. Yellow gold rings have been the classic go-to for wedding rings, although men prefer white gold and many women are getting into the cooler tone as well. What is your gold ring preference?
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