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Meet Our Experts

Don Kogen – Gemstone Expert

Don Kogen

Don Kogen has over twenty years of experience in the gemstone and jewellery industry. He began his career at the age of 13 on a trip to Chanthaburi in Thailand, and today he is a gemstone buyer and expert.

In collaboration with experienced gemstone dealers, Don Kogen extended his knowledge of gemstones, learnt the Thai language and familiarised himself with all facets of the Thai gemstone industry as well as the international gemstone trade. Internationally renowned for his high level of specialist expertise, Don Kogen is an influential figure within the gemstone industry. For instance, he has been a member of the ICA (International Coloured Gemstone Association) and represented Thailand several times at the GILC (Gemstone Industry Laboratory Conference). He was also formally appointed as Ambassador for the CGA (Chanthaburi Gem and Jewellery Traders Association).

Debby Cavill – Design Expert

Debby Cavill

Debby Cavill is a founder of the group and was instrumental in developing jewellery TV in the UK and across Europe. As her parents were jewellery manufacturers, she has been surrounded by jewellery since her childhood and discovered her passion for design at a young age. Her experience in jewellery design and manufacturing makes her irreplaceable in the development of our gemstone Jewellery. Debby was a young entrepreneur and started her first business at 20 and gained diverse experience in varying sectors, never losing focus to return to the jewellery business. In 2003 she met Don Kogen and moved to Chanthaburi, Thailand in 2004 where they worked closely together and today she is the design expert for our group. With all her experience in design, her jewellery is much more than an accessory to wear, her pieces make a statement.

Arion Ahrens – Gemstone Expert

Arion Ahrens

Arion is our extremely popular presenter from our German affilaite! He has has been entertaining our viewers for over 8 years in Germany. Arion is also now a regular guest at our Italian affiliate. In addition to his rich experience in front of the camera, he embraces every opportunity to learn more about the gemstone trade: He has visited mines and gem cutters in Brazil, as well as gem markets in Thailand and around Asia with our Gem Hunters during his time with our company. Now he is looking forward to share his experience with our customers in the UK.

Paul Udomkiet – Designer

Paul Udomkiet

Right from the start Paul Udomkiet has been an important member in the international team of Rocks & Co. And the whole group. He is responsible for the design of our Silver jewellery. Pauls expertise comes from working in product design in numerous manufacturers over many years.

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