Meet Our Experts

Arion Ahrens – Gemstone Expert

Arion Ahrens

Arion is our extremely popular presenter from our German affilaite! He has has been entertaining our viewers for over 8 years in Germany. Arion is also now a regular guest at our Italian affiliate. In addition to his rich experience in front of the camera, he embraces every opportunity to learn more about the gemstone trade: He has visited mines and gem cutters in Brazil, as well as gem markets in Thailand and around Asia with our Gem Hunters during his time with our company. Now he is looking forward to share his experience with our customers in the UK.

Hannah Clemmow – Gemstone Expert


Hannah Clemmow has graced our Rocks and Co screens for many years now! She has had a passion for jewellery and gems since she was a child, when she first discovered her grandmother's jewellery collection. Meanwhile, Hannah has completed training at the globally renowned "Gemological Institute of America" (short GIA). Hannah says that Juwelo feels like a family to her and that her job does not feel like work, because every day she has the chance to be surrounded by such beautiful gemstones. Hannah now features monthly on our screens showcasing stunning brand new collections each time. You can view Hannah’s next show in our showguide.

Paul Udomkiet – Designer

Paul Udomkiet

Right from the start Paul Udomkiet has been an important member in the international team of Rocks & Co. And the whole group. He is responsible for the design of our Silver jewellery. Pauls expertise comes from working in product design in numerous manufacturers over many years.

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