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Alexandrite Jewellery

Alexandrite is an extremely rare gemstone. If you are lucky enough to own Alexandrite jewellery, don’t let it go. At Rocks & Co., our Alexandrite jewellery are beautifully set in precious metals of gold and silver. The gem is extremely rare, but it is possible to find some Alexandrite jewellery and other jewels at Rocks & Co. online or on our TV auction. Alexandrite is a colour changing Chrysoberyl. The colours of the amazing gemstone include medium blue green, a silvery blue-purple-green, greenish blue and bluish green. They change to a red or a purple red under incandescent light. Making your Rocks & Co. Alexandrite ring choice is easy with our online store and TV auctions.  

Natural Alexandrite

Beryllium aluminum oxide with trace amounts of iron and chromium is the chemical make-up of Chrysoberyl. This Chrysoberyl should not be confused with Beryl. Chrysoberyl is the third hardest popular gem placing at 8.5 in the Mohs scale and has a very interesting crystal structure. The three varietal siblings in the Chrysoberyl family are: yellow green, Cat´s eye and natural Alexandrite. Natural Alexandrite is the colour changing (pleochroism) star or Tsar of this gemstone jeweller story. The first Alexandrite were mined in the Ural Mountains, discovered in an Emerald mine.  Natural Alexandrite was discovered fortuitously on the birthday of Tsar Alexander II. The excitement of the gem was boosted because of its red and green colours reflecting the military colours of Imperial Russia. Natural Alexandrite is the birthstone for June, along with Pearl and Moonstone, and is the celebratory gem for 25th wedding anniversaries as well. Natural, true Alexandrite is rare so make sure you only purchase from trusted jewellers.  

Men's Alexandrite rings

A men’s Alexandrite ring set in precious metal is a ring for a very special gentleman. This rare gemstone ring should be given to a unique gent to show the value of the friendship as well as the jewel! An infinity design is a beautiful way to work with a group of smaller stones, which works well for the gents who tend to prefer streamlined, simple designs in accessories. Set in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or sterling at Rocks & Co. you’ll find the right Alexandrite rings for your gent or yourself.

Alexandrite Jewellery

The most prized colour change of gems in Alexandrite jewellery are blue green in day and red in incandescent light. Not all colour change Chrysoberyl is Alexandrite, which is why it is important to shop for your gemstone jewellery with a reputable seller. At Rocks and Co., we guarantee all of our Alexandrite is 100 percent genuine and back this up with a certificate of authenticity. The quality of this gem cam vary greatly. That´s why you can easily find a top-quality 1.10 ct. Alexandrite going for over £6.783 or an Alexandrite pendant with twice the carat weight for only £400. As with all gemstones the price depends on the hue, tone, saturation, clarity and carat weight.

Alexandrite in white gold

Alexandrite in white gold is a wonderful combination for this very rare gem because the hot reds and the cool purple, blues and greens, look stunning against the cool hue of a white gold setting. The white metal of gold, platinum or even sterling are classy settings for this coveted stone. Set in a good quality yellow gold setting is also a flattering option for Alexandrite jewels.

Certified Alexandrite

All of our Alexandrite at Rocks & Co. comes with a certificate of authenticity and is guaranteed to be 100 percent natural. Our certified Alexandrite is certified gemstone quality, rare, and collected amongst gemstone jewellery aficionados.  

Alexandrite with Diamonds

Alexandrite with Diamonds as side stones is not uncommon in the styles and designs used by many jewellers. The purples, blues, and reds of Alexandrite are beautifully heightened by the white of Diamonds, white Sapphires or white Topaz as secondary stones, and well as when set with white gold or platinum. It’s a clean bright look. At Rocks & Co., it is possible to find both an Alexandrite jewel flanked by white stones and a white stone highlighted with colourful Alexandrite as the secondary stones.  

Rocks & Co. Alexandrite sources

Russian Alexandrite is known as the cream of the crop of this gemstone. Today, Russian output is very small. The Ural mountain range was quite famous for producing some of the finest gemstones in the world including Emerald and Alexandrite. The mining of these gems from this source lasted only 100 years, peaking in the late 19th Century. All current sources only produce specimens periodically, making it one of the rarest gems around. Brazilian gems –have colour change of rich blues to deep red, which are said to rival the colour of the Russian gems. The Brazilian mines are only able to produce a small amount of material making them very rare as well. East Africa At Rocks & Co., most of our beautiful green Alexandrite jewels feature gems from Tanzania in East Africa. India & Sri Lanka Emerald by day, Ruby by night is the romantic description used in the industry to describe these gemstones. Sri Lanka produce gemstones with amazing green colours that change to a champagne yellow in incandescent light.  
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