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14K AAA Welo Opal Gold Ring (CIRARI)

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AAA Welo Opal from Ethiopia 4.083 ct - Oval Cut - approx. 15x11 mm 2 I1 (H) Diamonds from Africa 0.072 ct - Round Brilliant Cut - approx. 2.1 mm 6 I1 (H) Diamonds from Africa 0.081 ct - Round Brilliant Cut - approx. 1.4 mm 4 I1 (H) Diamonds from Africa 0.02 ct - Round Brilliant Cut - approx. 1 mm 14K Yellow Gold - approx. 3.27 g Total Carat Weight: 4.256 ct. Size: N Ring - 28x21 mm
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    Women's Rings

    Name 14K AAA Welo Opal Gold Ring (CIRARI)
    Measurements Ring - 28x21 mm
    Brand Cirari
    Quantity Gemstones 13
    Carat Weight Sum 4,256 ct
    Precious Metal Yellow Gold
    Alloy 14K Gold
    Metal Weight 3,27 g
    Design Enamel jewellery

    First Gemstone

    Gemstone Opal
    Variety AAA Welo Opal
    Cut Faceted
    Cut detailed Oval Cut
    Carat Weight 4,083 ct
    Size 15x11 mm
    Quantity 1
    Setting Prong
    Origin Ethiopia
    Gemstone Colour bi colour


    Gemstone I1 (H) Diamond
    Cut Brilliant Cut
    Carat Weight 0,072 ct
    Size 2,1 mm
    Quantity 2
    Setting Prong
    Origin Africa


    Gemstone I1 (H) Diamond
    Cut Brilliant Cut
    Carat Weight 0,081 ct
    Size 1,4 mm
    Quantity 6
    Setting Prong
    Origin Africa


    Gemstone I1 (H) Diamond
    Cut Brilliant Cut
    Carat Weight 0,02 ct
    Size 1 mm
    Quantity 4
    Setting Prong
    Origin Africa
  • Care Label

    Opal (AAA Welo Opal, Australian Fire Opal, Australian Opal, Blue Fire Opal, Boulder Opal, Buriti Fire Opal, Cat's Eye Opal, Ice Opal, Imperial Jalisco Fire Opal, Indian Opal, Indonesian Opal, Javanese Opal, Kalimaya Opal, Leopard Opal, Lightning Ridge Black Crystal Opal, Lightning Ridge Black Opal, Lightning Ridge Opal, Lightning Ridge Semi Black Opal, Lightning Ridge-Crystal-Opal, Los Lobos Opal, Mali-Opal, Mexican Fire Opal, Opal, Paraiba Opal, Queretaro Cherry Fire Opal, Salamanca Fire Opal, Welo Opal, White Opal, Yellow Opal)

    Treatment None explanation In some cases, the inside of the frame is darkened to give a better colour result. However, since nothing is changed on the gemstone, this is not a treatment. Care Instructions Protect from heat, dry and wet environment! Do not expose the gemstones to extreme temperatures, a temperature shock can cause damage; some stones fade when exposed to strong light. Some stones may lose their color play if exposed to too much moisture. Do not expose the gemstones to these conditions unnecessarily long! Steam Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Rocks & Co. [UK Sizing] Diameter [mm] Circumference [mm]
J 15,9 50,0
K 16,0 50,3
L 16,5 51,8
M 17,0 53,4
N 17,2 54,0
O 17,9 56,2
P 18,0 56,5
Q 18,5 58,1
R 19,0 59,7
S 19,2 60,3
T 20,0 62,8
U 20,2 63,5
V 20,3 63,8
W 21,0 66,0
X 21,2 66,6
Y 21,5 67,5
Z 22,0 69,1

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